Charly Kemp is a normal teenage girl who lives an normal teenage life. Shes not popular but shes not nerdy. For her 18th birthday her parents got her and her best friend tickets to see Justin Bieber. What she doesnt know is that from that day on her life will change forever!


1. Hey,


Im Charly Kemp. I live with my mum,dad and older sister, Madeline. Im 18 years old, technically im turning 18 in a few weeks. I have a pet goldfish too. His name is Justin. Oh and did i tell you im mad about Justin Bieber? Anyway i love my 2 bezzies. Olivia and Chloe. 

Well anyway, one night i walked past my parents room, trying to get to the kitchen to get some water. I was really sleepy so i feel into the washing basket, and when i was trying to get out i heard my mum say 'Justin Bieber' and 'tickets'. I forgot about the water and ran back to my room. I had to get some sleep as it is the first day of collage tomorrow. I kissed my JB posters goodnight and feel asleep. 



'Charly wake up babe' said a familar voice.

'Charly c'mon we have to go pick up Kinnie' they said again.

My eyes suddenly fluttered open. I could see a man who looked abit like Justin Bieber.

Everything was blurry as i like my sleep.

'Wake up...wake up' it said again but this time it sounded more feminine. I was then being shaked violently.



My eyes startled open. It was only my sister.

'C'mon first day of collage!' she said. I just mumbled. She sighed as she walked out my room. I closed my eyes. Then, i felt all wet. It was so cold to. it came as a shock. My eyes startled open again. No wonder i felt wet. My sister through water all over my poor, fluffy bed. She just stood there with a smirk and walked out of the room.


I got dressed in a nice summer dress with baby blue flowers on it, a jean jacket, some blue converse and did my hair in a messy bun. I walked downstairs as my nose dragged me. My mum was making her famous choc chip pancakes. I ate my plateful, grabbed my phone and bag and made my way to collage.

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