Confident revenge

never mess around with someone if you dont what there capbial of doing


1. The begging of....

Beep ...Beep...Beep.... "ugh".  Hi my name is Izaly but people call me iggy i live alone im 17 years old you may think "wow arent you a lil young to live alone?" but i think im alright i love liveing alone it gives me a sense of idepence ,"lol", but yeah i love my parents ,dont think they kicked me out or anything honestly they didnt want me to leve but i wanted to try it out and see how i would be liveing alone and i think im doing good,.  well anyways i live in a pretty bu aprartment i also have a jod at carribus coffe,i get paid well there. i got up and made my way to the bathroom and took my usal shower. after i got out i went to change into some dark jeans and a rolling stone shirt "a.k.a my fav. lool . i let my hair down and dry to its normal curls and applied some mouse just give it some shape. finally, i put some foundition and a bit of masscara after i put my favorite white converse and grabbed my bag and keys and went out the door,.

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