Confident revenge

never mess around with someone if you dont what there capbial of doing


2. Him...

So i got to school which i liked but didnt at the same time.IM not popular,im more on the geeky side. I got to my locker and pulled out ma books for class. i go to my frist period class,which was history. I sat at my seat finally got started but before the teacher could talk the door open and in walked in two boys. They both had black clothes, they also where cute!!!. but one had light honey brown eyes there where memorizing I found my self stareing. But i was interuped by the teacher talking/yelling at me "IZALY!" i looke up "yes miss" "can you please help michel and will around the school?" "They are both new and have the same periods as you " "sure" finally the guys took there sit. The bell ring and got up and waited for them outside finally they came out . and i said "hi my name is Izaly but pleas call me iggy " " hi iggy im michel and this is my brother will" said michel . He was a lil shorter and had darker eyes amost black. "okay so since you have the same schudle as me next we have french soo....venir et jach'ere-moi a votre prochaine classe " (come and fallow me to you next class) Will smirked which made me almost melt and with a confident smile he said :"montrer bienla facon belle "(okay show me the way beautiful)" okao he knew french .....omg did he just call me beautiful!!!!!!!!! "merci maninteinet jachee moi" ( Thank you now fallow me ) and with tht i lead them to the next class.

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