Soccer Girl

The one girl in school that loved soccer with all her life yet hated watching all other sports. She was very lonely and one day she meet her first love. Who is it well its none other than Niall Horan. They both fall for each other. And they both have a passionate love for soccer. It was there sport, their way to get away from everything else and just relax.


1. The Soccer Match

Alanna's point of view

Today was the day my dad was taking me too the soccer match i am so excited for many reasons.

1. I have been begging my dad to take me to a soccer game for years and he finally broke and said yes. 

2. There was a rumor that THE Niall Horan and THE Louis Tomlinson are going and he always gets seats close to the top were me my friend and my dad will be.

3. Its a week away from the Where We Are concert that me and my friends will be going to.

"Alanna" that was my dad calling.

"What" i replied

"Come here i have something for you" I am wondering what he has for me I started to get scared


"Come here i have something for you" that was my dad i went to him

"What's up" i said when i got to him then that's when it hit me he was drunk

"Alanna" he said "Since your sister's left your the who's gonna take their place" that's when he started to hit me and slap me after a few times I blacked out

Flashback over  

I walked slowly over to him thank god he wasn't drunk the last time he was it was three years ago

"yea Dad" i said 

"here" he handed me a bag that said Dicks sporting goods on it i opened it up and i saw a jersey that said our last name on it. It was my sisters jersey not her real one the one that you can buy at a sports store

"THANKS" i hugged him and ran up stairs to get ready 


I am sorry if it's not good



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