Soccer Girl

The one girl in school that loved soccer with all her life yet hated watching all other sports. She was very lonely and one day she meet her first love. Who is it well its none other than Niall Horan. They both fall for each other. And they both have a passionate love for soccer. It was there sport, their way to get away from everything else and just relax.


3. The Cops

Alanna’s POV

I laid down in the bed and fell asleep until Niall wrapped his arms around me. He whispered “Alanna I don’t like you I love you”

Without thinking I said “I love you too Niall”

Val’s POV

“Hey Val” Lou said as he walked into our room

“Hey Lou what’s up?” I said as I washed off my make up

“Nothing much just chilling in my girlfriend’s room that’s all” did he just call me his girlfriend?

“Girlfriend?” I asked

“I mean only if you want to be.”
“I would love to be your girlfriend.”

“good I was starting to get worried that you didn’t like me.” That’s when he pulled me in closer and kissed me. I wasn’t our first kiss together when Alanna and Niall went to the bathroom we kissed but this time I felt something, something different.

“Want to watch a movie?” I asked hoping we can cuddle while watching a movie.

“Sure. Do you have Catching Fire?” Omg I love that movie

“Yes Why wouldn’t I?” I got the movie and put it in and changed in the bathroom. When I came out Louis was in the bed in his pajama’s witch was no shirt and boxers on. I hoped into bed next to him.

“Have you seen this movie before?” I asked him

Louis’ POV

“Have you seen this movie before?” she asked me

“Yea I have” I replied we were at the part were katniss was screaming waking up from her nightmare and when Peeta stays with her. That’s when I grabbed Val and had her cuddle with me. She seemed surprised but cuddled back with me and with that we feel asleep.

Niall’s Pov

I woke up with someone’s hands around my neck. I look up and it’s Alanna’s dad I tap Alanna just before he picked me up off the bed.

“What are you doing with my daughter?” he said pinning me against the wall

I heard Alanna scream “DAD LEAVE HIM ALONE.” After she said that he hit her that sent anger rushing through my body I punched him.

“Alanna call the cops tell them to hurry. Go to Val and Louis and stay in there.” I told her as I dodged one of his punches. He smelled like alcohol like he bathed in it.

“Ok. Be careful Babe” she replied her calling me babe didn’t really help but I let it go. After a couple of minutes the cops cam in the door and grabbed her father. Another one asked me what happened I told him the whole story. I went looking for Alanna and found her with Val.

“Alanna are you ok?” I ask her

“Yea just I never wanted that to happen to you that’s why took extra precautions with you staying here, us in the stadium, me leaving my house. All of it was to make sure you didn’t get hurt….…… I can’t believe that he came here and hurt you I am so sorry.” I said crying into his shoulder

“Babe I am not hurt. It’s alright don’t worry about me I am ok as long as you are ok. You’re Defiantly staying with me and the boys tonight.”

“Ok thanks. OMFG look at your shirt its tear stained. You should be glad that I don’t wear makeup.” I said half laughing half trying to be serious.

“I am. Come on let’s get you changed and after that we will head to our flat then tomorrow you can get your stuff from home.”

“Let’s go.” I smiled and kissed him


More will hopefully be up tomorrow latest saturday night sorry it's short

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