Soccer Girl

The one girl in school that loved soccer with all her life yet hated watching all other sports. She was very lonely and one day she meet her first love. Who is it well its none other than Niall Horan. They both fall for each other. And they both have a passionate love for soccer. It was there sport, their way to get away from everything else and just relax.


6. Morning

“Cool Babe. Do you want to stay here and cuddle a little or do you want food.” I said to her kid of wanting to do both stay with her and get some food.

“Whatever you want to do” she replied damn I kind of wanted her to choose for me

“Ok I choose to stay here and cuddle” I said hoping we would get up soon

“Well I choose to go get food” once she said that I jumped up and out of the bed. “Well someone is happy to eat…… Niall can you hand me one of your shirts” I threw her my Derby County shirt I loved it on her especially because it said Horan on the back of it. She changed her shirt from yesterday’s cloths to my shirt and under wear that’s all. We walk out our room to the boys singing and dancing to “talk dirty to me” by Jason Derulo. Alanna and I look at each other than start laughing.

“What” is all they can say

“You guys are so stupid I can’t even………… (laughing)………… So Harry mentioned food where is it?” I was still laughing a little

“On the table seems you too got a go night sleep anything interesting happen?” I looked at them confused. “Nialler she’s wearing your shirt.” Now I understood.

“Nothing happened I just love that shirt on her it looks better on her than me” I replied

“Oh” was all they said me and Alanna both ate I quickly finished before she did and I ate 75% of the food.

“Are you ok?” I asked

“Yea just thinking that maybe we should play some Soccer. Either on X-Box and/or outside” I smiled

“I think that is a good idea let’s ask the boys if they wanted to join. GUYS CAN YOU COME HERE FOR A SECOND. Wait did you just say you play video games?” I was shocked

“Yea I love them” the boys came in the room but took a little while.

”Alanna and I were wondering if you wanted to play some soccer outside with us then end it with some FIFA on X-Box?” I said as their faces lit up

“We would love to.” Harry replied.

“I will get my soccer ball and change” Alanna yelled than got up and skipped into our room.

“I have to get my good shoes” and with that I followed her.

“Have fun you too” I think it was Zayn. Then I hear two people yell “Don’t do anything you will regret” I think it was Harry and Louis

“Hey Babe” I said as I walked into the our room

“NIALL I’M CHANGING” she screamed at me

“I know and you’re only changing into pants” I told her

“Your right sorry what are you doing?”

“Changing my shoes come here when you’re done”

“Ok done what up?” She said as she walked over to me

“Nothing I just wanted a kiss”

“You will get a kiss every time you score on me. Let’s go” She replied while putting a finger on my lips

“Then I will have to make sure I score a lot” I told her with a huge grin on my face.

“Good luck” was all she could say I knew that she was a goalie but I didn’t know how good I was hoping not too good. We went outside with the soccer ball in her hand and we started playing every time I shot I scored with meant every time I got a kiss but when Louis shot harder and a lot better of a shot than me she blocked it. I think she was letting my shots in the net so she could kiss me. The next time I scored we kiss and turned into making out. The boys were screaming at us to get a room so I replied.

“We have one but we don’t need one.” Then I whispered to her “stop letting my shots go in ur making Louis feel sad like he can’t play soccer.”

She replied with “He can’t” but she meant it jokingly (just in the story never really seen him play in real life)

“Have I ever told you I love you” I said to her laughing at what she said


“Well then I love you”
“love you too Horan” we continued playing soccer she didn’t let anymore of my goals in and none of Louis’ either she really was good. We went inside we ordered pizza than we went to the game room to play some FIFA. I was surprised when Alanna chose a offender I thought she would be defense or goalie. After the game I realized why she chose offender it was because she can score on FIFA. We ate pizza it was like 12pm. So I decided to ask her what she wanted to do. She Said she want to invite Liz and Val. So when they came over Val hung out with Louis and liz hung out with Harry. So me and Alanna were hanging out. Zayn was with Perrie and Liam was with Sophia. Me and Alanna were cuddling in our room while watching Percy Jackson and the lighting theft we fell asleep. I woke up and couldn’y help

“Babe can I ask you something” she said to me

“Sure what is it” I replied

Alanna’s POV

 “Niall Summer is over in 2 months and I have to go back to collage soon; I am a senior this year. Once I graduate there will be the U.S. National team tryouts a little after that I was wondering if you wanted to help me train?” I was hoping he would say yes because this has been my dream since forever and having him shoot on me and maybe the other boys would be a big help.

“I loved to. Whenever you need me I will try to find room in my schedule.” I laughed at his response and found a wise ass answer to say back to him

“Oh really you have a busy schedule so tell what it is that you are doing”

“ I am spending most of my time with you princess”

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