Soccer Girl

The one girl in school that loved soccer with all her life yet hated watching all other sports. She was very lonely and one day she meet her first love. Who is it well its none other than Niall Horan. They both fall for each other. And they both have a passionate love for soccer. It was there sport, their way to get away from everything else and just relax.


5. Morning

*Next day

Niall and I moved my stuff into my new house the other guys helped

*Day after that

Niall POV

I woke up and she was still sleeping in my arms. I went to look at the time on my night stand when I saw Harry staring at us I jump at being startled.

“Harry WTF” I said angrily

“Hi mate I was waiting till you got up first of all breakfeast was really 15 minutes ago and I feel l only

You have Alanna, Liam has Sophia, Louis has Val, and Zayn has Perrie. Can you ask Alanna if any of her friends are single?”

“sure Harry  Alanna and I will be out in a little while good bye” I said waving him out of the room

“ok” he said leaving

“Babe” I said while shaking Alanna instead of her waking up peacefully like usual she hit me and yelled

“Who the hell are you”

“Ouch Alanna it’s me Niall” I said rubbing my arm and trying to calm her down

“Sorry Nialler I’m still not used to sleeping with another person” with that she kissed me

“It’s alright just wanted to tell you Breakfast is ready and Harry want to know if you have a friend that would be perfect for him”

“oh ok and I do her name is Lize” 

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