Soccer Girl

The one girl in school that loved soccer with all her life yet hated watching all other sports. She was very lonely and one day she meet her first love. Who is it well its none other than Niall Horan. They both fall for each other. And they both have a passionate love for soccer. It was there sport, their way to get away from everything else and just relax.


4. His house

*Skipping to my new house (Wink Wink you know what I mean)

“Um Niall I forgot but won’t there be fans surrounding your house what if they see me?” I said

“Princess you’re going to be living there they are bound to see you at one point” with that he kisses me.

“Alright” we enter gates that all the screaming fans are outside of and thank god when we pull up that there tour bus blocks the view of whoever is outside the gate. When we enter it was a little larger than a normal two story house

“Hello guys I’m home and I brought a guest” once Niall says that you can hear 3 people running almost sprinting at us. The first one who comes up to me is Harry.

“Hi I’m Harry” I giggle a little b/c I already knew who they where

“Hi I’m Alanna and I know who guys are” I said a little embarrassed and blushing

Louis says to Niall” I see you found yourself a fan” Niall blushed little I am so grateful for Niall and the other boys letting me stay with them. Niall knew I was a fan and yet he doesn’t care. Every time he kisses me I get butterflies hell whenever he talks to me I get them I love the feeling I love him.

“Alanna” someone was calling me pulling me out of my thoughts


“I was calling your name for 5 minutes but you weren’t answering are you ok?”

“I’m fine I guess I was in deep thought sorry” I said blushing

“What about” he whispered to me

“Not what you’re thinking about perv” I said a punched him playfully

“Sure. Come on I know that you want to get in my pants.” He said jokingly but I take the opportunity to mess with him.

“You’re right lets go” I whispered he looked surprised but happy

“Guys I going to show Alanna where she will be sleeping don’t wait around or wait for us” he said to the others as he winked. The boys looked at me a little worried. But I winked at them to tell them it’s not going to happen then they relaxed as Niall dragged me to his room. He started to kiss me. I stopped him before it went any further.

“Niall?” I said in between kisses

“What?” He moaned still kissing me

“As much as I want to I was joking sorry babe.”  With that he got off of me and put his hand throw his hair.

“Alanna that’s not cool you tease. You’re going to have to make it up to me one day.” He demanded

“Maybe sooner or later?” I replied his frown went to a smile “but for now I’m hungry.”

“What do you want Princess?” he replied I couldn’t help but smile at him calling me a princess

“umm PIZZA” I yell as we walk out of his bed room and walking into his living room with the boys staring at us.

“Sure Babe” Niall replies

“You guys are done already that was quick” Harry joked “I hope you used protection” Louis adds

I blush “Guys nothing happened we talked about what we want to eat I suggested PIZZA”

“I LOVE PIZZA” Louis says then adds “AND CARROTTS”

I giggled a little “I know lou” and with that we ordered pizza. Everyone but Niall and I wanted to go to a party tonight. So we got the house to ourselves we ended up watching a movie in his room. Guess what movie it was This Is Us and during the part when Niall had no shirt on and was recording I tensed up a bit hoping Niall wouldn’t Notice but he did.

“What’s the matter babe” He asked me

“Nothing” I replied. But it wasn’t nothing it was him he was perfect his voice, his hair, and the way he loves soccer. Soccer I Love soccer if it weren’t for this sport we wouldn’t be together.

“I know what it’s you like what you just saw” He said making me blush “well you can see more if you want but it looks a lot better than in the movie” before I can reply he took off his shirt and kissed me. I was on top of him my hands were running down his abs reaching his belt buckle and unbuckled it but before I was able to take his belt off Niall had other ideas he took off my shirt and flipped us over him on top of me. I took off my bra and pants when he took of his pants. He jumped back on top of me kissing me. When the boys banged on Niall’s door. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and harry  all yelled at the same time "Hey love birds mind stopping so we can sleep." 

I replied "Stop what nothing has started yet Thanks to you guys"

"So you wouldn't mind if I come in" Harry replied

but Niall got very defensive and yelled "I mind I mind very much"

I just giggled and put on Niall's Derby County shirt we cuddled and feel asleep.

A/N Sorry for bad chapter and the little dirty parts but it needed to get interesting 

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