Maya Adams is the girlfriend of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. The two have been together for three years, and are madly in love. But when Justin's fame gets to his head and changes him from inside out, is Maya the only one who can save him from himself?


1. Why Justin?

Maya glanced at her fancy wrist watch that Justin had given her for her birthday a year ago. A look of sheer disappointment crossed her face at what the time read, despite the gorgeous design of the watch.

6:15. Justin is fifteen minutes late to their anniversary dinner. Ugh. She waited for a few more moments and glanced at her watch once more. Five minutes had past and still no sign of Justin. Maya briefly scanned around the expenisve restaurant, taking note of all the faces and couples that were seated, clearly enjoying their meals and conversations, and then there was Maya, sitting there all alone in an antique style table across from an empty chair.

She glanced at her watch once more. Another ten minutes went by. She was starting to get angry. She snatched her iPhone out of her purse and began harshly mashing on the touch-screen buttons.

WHERE ARE YOU? She typed, then punched send. Then she impatiently sat in the chair, tapping her fingers on the wooden table top, a scowl plastered on her face.

Suddenly, an all too familiar face strolled into the room wearing ridiculously inappropriate clothes for the evening. Justin sat in the chair across from Maya and didn't bother to remove his shades.

"Hey babe," he stated bluntly. Maya eyed him up in down incredulously.

"Hey, BABE," she spat back. Justin swiftly took off his sunglasses and squinted at Maya. Maya noticed his eyes were bloodshot and heavy-lidded. Justin was freaking drunk.

"Why are you so bitchy all of a sudden?" Justin coolly asked. Maya stared at him wide-eyed.

"Are you kidding me!?" Maya hissed in a hushed tone, trying to be courteous to the surrounding customers. Justin only stared back blankly.

"I'm BITCHY because for one, you're just over a half an hour late for our anniversary dinner, and two, you're drunk as hell!" Maya snarled. Justin's expression remained unaffected. "And what the hell are you wearing!? Is that a onezy?" Maya added with growing anger. Justin peered down at his outfit and smirked to himself.

"It's Bieber baby," he replied. That was all Maya could take.

"Alright then, BABY. If you think your shit doesn't stink, then you can sleep on the floor tonight. Goodnight," she fired back as she gathered her belongings and began storming away. From behind her, she heard Justin stand up and call after her. She ignored him and took the first taxi back home.

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