Maya Adams is the girlfriend of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. The two have been together for three years, and are madly in love. But when Justin's fame gets to his head and changes him from inside out, is Maya the only one who can save him from himself?


4. More Trouble

Maya picked up one of the empty bottles and stared at it in disbelief.

Why would Justin do drugs? These can't be his!

But, surely enough, her answer was right there on the bottle in writing. She threw the bottle back in the drawer in disgust and slammed the drawer back, unable to look at it any longer. She wiped away the fresh tears sliding down her cheeks and decided to turn on the TV to try and get her mind off of it until Justin returned. Big mistake.

Maya flipped on the TV, and the channel was on the news. Ew. She was about to change the channel when something caught her attention. The news anchor. The things he were saying. Oh no.

"Yes, Tom, I'm here in downtown Miami, Florida where teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has just been handcuffed for a DUI, drag racing, and resisting arrest without violence." That's all Maya needed to hear before she turned off the TV, threw the remote across the room, grabbed her car keys, and left for downtown.

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