you're perfect for me♡

| Harry styles & Ariana grande fan-fic | Ariana despises Harry styles .. but one day she comes across a disturbing fight and you can probably guess who was in it . Ariana's boyfriend and Harry styles . but what if maybe .. Ariana is falling for Harry & what if he's falling for her ?? but dark secrets from the past might split these two apart .


1. the huge fight

// Ariana ♡ //

I walked down the dark California streets alone . I was on my way to my house but then something told me to look to my left . I saw a huge crowd of men huddled in a circle chanting a familiar name "JAKE ! JAKE ! " and then there was another familiar name "C'MON HARRY ! " I gasp escaped my mouth and I ran over to the crowd , "WHAT THE HELL ! " I shouted as I saw my boyfriend and "harry styles" the man I completely despised throwing punches at each other . when I yelled the fight stopped and it was complete silence , jake and Harry both stared at me . "Jake what are you doing ??! " I asked shaking my head in disbelief . "I was showing this fool to not pick a fight with the wrong person . " He said giving a glare to Harry . "I don't like him either , but you guys need to stop acting like children & be adults ." I said frustrated . "awee look who it is ms.grande ! she's gonna save the day . " he said in a taunting way . I gave him a mean look and started to walk over to him when I felt a hand grab my arm . It was jake's friend Jace , I calmed myself and straightened my skirt and told them both "fine do whatever you want .. I'm done .. " I walked away tears in my eyes . why would jake act childish when he texted me that he'd spend the night with me , watching movies , cuddling , but maybe it wasn't meant to be .. I heard that FUCKING HARRY STYLES LAUGH as I walked away ! UGHH I HATED HIM !!

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