you're perfect for me♡

| Harry styles & Ariana grande fan-fic | Ariana despises Harry styles .. but one day she comes across a disturbing fight and you can probably guess who was in it . Ariana's boyfriend and Harry styles . but what if maybe .. Ariana is falling for Harry & what if he's falling for her ?? but dark secrets from the past might split these two apart .


2. apology accepted ??

// Ariana ♡ //

I finally arrived to my house , I took out my key and unlocked the door . I threw my purse on the couch and went upstairs , I went into my bedroom sighing . I changed into shorts and a tank top I went into the living room and grabbed the tv remote . I heard moaning and groaning at my door and then It was followed by a knock , I got a little scared . I got on my tippy toes and looked through the little peep hole on my door and I saw a mop of brown curls leaning again my door . "Oh god . " I said opening my door it was Harry , I rolled my eyes and asked "what do you want styles ? " He looked up at me his forehead bleeding with some cuts on his cheek . I gasped but then reminded myself I didn't like him , "I'm sorry for talking to you that way ." he said out of breath I was kinda shocked but then opened the door wider , "come in .. " I said. He stumbled in my house I helped him get to my couch , I shut the door behind us . "hold on . " I went into my downstairs bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit and returned to see a bloody Harry . I sat down next to him and took some gauze cleaning his face gently . "thanks for helping me .. " he said almost a whisper . "you're welcome . " I said leaning into his face adjusting the bandage on his cheek & forehead , then my brown eyes were glued to his sexy emerald eyes . then I felt soft , warm lips on mine I kissed back but then pushed him . "HARRY WHAT THE HELL !?! FIRST YOU HUMILIATE ME AND THEN YOU WANT TO KISS ME ?!?" I yelled slapping him on his cheek .

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