1. Lady Valentina.

It was cool outside but I no longer feel the cold. The bright white light illuminated the snowy street. Cars roared down the road at astonishing speed, spraying dirty, brown sludge across the path. I hurried across the road to the dank little house at the end of the street. As I stepped into the doorway a voice spoke to me from the shadows. "So I see you came," it said to me in a deep, resonant voice. "Of course I came." My voice sounded very loud in the darkness. "But this had better be worth my time because if you make me miss feeding time. You know what'll happen," and I flashed my fangs in the darkness. "Of course I came." I repeat, "do you think I would choose to incur the wrath of the Knamids?!" I must sound slightly incredulous to them but I try to hide most of it. If you are not clever they'll get you. They have lived even longer than me. The Knamids are the closest thing vampires have to a royal family. They are swift, ruthless and cunning. Acting before anything can be done. Sometimes they'll take a vampire and no-one will hear from them again. They are formed of, the best vampire fighters, vampires with gifts and, the dangerous one, Carlos.

Carlos is cunning -even for one of our kind- , dangerous and the first of us all. He was cursed by the gods and he lived in the shadows for centuries. He would creep into houses and slaughter human children for the fun of it. Zeus cursed him for that. Doomed to live a half life. Doomed to never see the sun again. He then had such a great thirst for blood that he couldn't control himself. There were many incidents where he did not drain the victim completely. These victims became vampires. Carlos quickly figured this out and had all the 'newlings' locked up. He chose three to go with him. those three and Carlos were the first knamids. Carolina and Dante were their, you could say, adopted children and I was their protégée-sort of. Me and Elina were. Elina was my chosen sister, hunting partner and, above all, my best friend. One day I woke up and she just wasn't there and I never saw her. Ever. Again

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