Teenage Dirtbag

Maddison Shields life completely changes when she meets Harry Styles at the Battle of the Bands contest. In just one night, she falls head over heels in love with him. But does Harry return those feelings? And what had Maddison to hide?


2. White Eskimo

No Shampoo was pretty good and Denise and I danced along with their music. The song they played was really catchy. Denise said something in my ear. 'What?!', I yelled not being able to hear what she said. 'I said; the lead singer is kinda hot', she than turned her head to the stage and winked at the poor guy. I laughed, Denise was such a fun person to go out with. I took a closer look at the singer and saw that Denise was right, he was hot. But not my type.

No Shampoo's song came to it's end and the presenter came back on the stage. 'Make some noise for the next band up, White Eskimo!' A group of guys who seemed to be around my age walked on the stage. One of them held a microphone, the leadsinger I guessed. He looked better than the rest of the band. He whore some grey jeans and a Rolling Stones t-shirt, just like me. Like she had read my thoughts Denise whispered into my ear: 'Damn, those curls.' I chuckled a bit.

White Eskimo's gitarist started playing and after a short intro, the curly boy started to sing. It was a cover of Summer of '69, and I really liked their version. The singer's voice was amazing, though you could hear he was in his puberty. I stared at him while he was singing, not being able to move. I was hypnotized by this guy. He closed his eyes while singing the last part of the song and after that the gitarist stroke his guitar one more time. The song was over and I broke out of the bubble I had been in while listening. Curly head opened his eyes and I saw they were an amazing kind off green. I stared into them, and he was staring into mine too. That moment seemed to last forever, and I wanted time to freeze so it could always be like this.

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