Teenage Dirtbag

Maddison Shields life completely changes when she meets Harry Styles at the Battle of the Bands contest. In just one night, she falls head over heels in love with him. But does Harry return those feelings? And what had Maddison to hide?


6. We will meet again

Harry and I stayed on the dance floor that entire night. We danced, laughed and kissed. He just left me once because White Eskimo had won the contest, but he ran back to me the minute he was allowed to leave the stage. I managed to fall in love with Harry in one night.

But than, the night ended. It was 3am and I had to go home. Harry and I exchanged phone numbers and he kissed me one last time. I really wanted us to work, but would we? And did he want that to or would he just remember me as that girl he had a fun night with? I felt a teardrop escape from my eyes and Harry wrapped his arms around me. Just like he had read my thought he said: 'Don't worry, I'll be coming back for you. We will meet again.'

Denise stayed over at my place and we talked about that night that had completely changed our lives. 'What was his name?' I asked Denise, talking about the boy she had been with all night. 'Will Evans' she said with the biggest smile on her face. 'Did you get his number?' Her smile got even bigger. 'Yes, I did. And what was curlyheads name by the way?' Now it was my turn to smile. 'Harry Styles. And yes, I got his number.' We stayed silent for a bit. 'Denise...' 'Yes Maddy?' 'I think I'm in love...' 'Me too.' And with those words we both fell asleep.

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