Teenage Dirtbag

Maddison Shields life completely changes when she meets Harry Styles at the Battle of the Bands contest. In just one night, she falls head over heels in love with him. But does Harry return those feelings? And what had Maddison to hide?


7. Three months later

Three months later

'Mom, I'm heading to Denise alright?' I yelled from the livingroom. 'Okay honey, but be carefull yea?' she yelled back from the kitchen. 'Will you quit, I don't want to be reminded about that all the time. I just want to live my life as normal as I can.' I said angry. My mom didn't respond anymore after I said that so I just stumbled to the front door and left the house.

I met up with Denise at Willow Park, which was a 10 minute walk from my house. When I got there I saw Denise sitting on one of te benches, talking to some guy. I raised my eyebrows and smirked while walking up to her. 'I thought you had a boyfriend already you naughty..' I started to say, but as she turned to me I saw the unmistakable brown curls of the boy she had been talking to before. Harry Styles.

'Hey, you alright? I was kinda worried the walk would be to exhausting, if you know what I mean.' Denise said. 'Oh shut it D, I'm fine.' I lied, the walk did exhaust me. I just didn't want Harry to know. 'And what the hell is he doing here?' I pointed at Harry. 'We ran into eachother, what a lovely coinsidence ha?' he smiled while saying that and his dimples showed. 'Yeah, whatever maybe I should leave you two than.' I said and I walked away. I walked a few metres before I felt someone grabbing my wrist and pulling me of the main path. I turned around and looked straight into Harry's green eyes. 'What the hell, Harry?!' 'What is wrong?' he said with a confused look in his eyes. 'What is wrong? Are you really this stupid? I had one of the best nights in my life with you, you told me we would meet again. You put my hopes up and I waited Harry, I waited for two months for god sake, but I didn't hear ANYTHING from you. And now you just show up here, acting like everything is normal? How dare you Harry Styles?!'

He shut me up with his lips. I tried to push him off at first, but he was way to strong. Eventually I just gave in. Kissing him felt good, oh how I had craved this boy in the past three months. I hadn't been able to put him out of my head. But still I wondered why I didn't hear from him all this time, so I pushed him away. 'Why didn't you get in touch with me, Harry?' 'Why didn't you?' he said with a smirk on his face. 'Just answer the question Styles' He looked ar mewith an unsure look in his eyes and spoke: 'I was afraid you didn't remember me, we were both pretty wasted that night and I thought maybe you didn't want anything else than just a fun night...' I frowned. 'That is the lamest excuse I've ever heard.' I said, before crashing my lips on his.

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