Teenage Dirtbag

Maddison Shields life completely changes when she meets Harry Styles at the Battle of the Bands contest. In just one night, she falls head over heels in love with him. But does Harry return those feelings? And what had Maddison to hide?


3. Harry Styles

I couldn't fully concentrate on the last two performances, the curly boy was stuck in my head. Had he really been looking at me to, or was I just imagining things? After the last band had performer, the presenter walked back on stage again. 'The bands will now be joyning you in the crowd while the jury decides who the winners are', he announced. Music started to play as the bands came out. I immediately spotted curly head. He was surrounded by a group of girls trying to get his attention. I couldn't help but get kind off jealous. But than, he lifted his head and once again I was looking into his beautiful eyes. He stared into mine too, and he slowly started walking up to me.

It felt like he was moving in slowmotion, and I got more nervous with every step he took. He didn't stop walking until he was like half a metre away from me. Than, he stook out his hand. I looked at it, frozen for a second, but I recovered and took it. 'Hi, I'm Harry', he said, smiling cheekily. 'Harry Styles'. His voice was a bit morbid, not what I had expected, but I fell for it immediately. 'Maddison Shields', I said shaking his hand. 'Nice to meet you Maddison', Harry said. I blushed. 'You too. Your band is really good, I'm gonna vote for you, I think' I smiled. 'You better' he said and chuckled. A new song began to play and I saw Harry's face light up. 'I really like this song, do you wanna dance?' he asked. I looked in his eyes as I said: I'd love to.

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