A Chance At Fame

When Emily has a chance at fame she moves to London to get a record deal but well she's there Simon makes a certain boy band watch over her and two of the boys develop a crush on her what will happen?


4. They like who now!?

Harry's P.O.V

I can tell Niall likes her the  fact that he was in her room for two hours last night told me that. "Harry?" It was Niall "What do you want?" I said "Just wondering why you are mad at me?" I said "Back off of Emily" I yelled

Emily's P.O.V

"Back off of Emily" I heard a deep British accent yell "No" I heard a Irish accent yell back. They lowered their voices and I snuck up to the door and pressed my ear against it. "I like her" I heard Harry say "Well so do I, you don't even know anything about her" it was Niall "Whatever" I heard Harry say. Then I heard Niall coming and I ran to my room. "Emily" It was Niall "yeah?" I said "I know you were listening" He said "Sorry" I said pulling my hands up to protect my face "don't worry I won't hit you" He said. I pulled my arms down "Ok" I said a small smile spreading across my face. "Emily would you want to write a song with me?" He asked me. I was speechless

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