A Chance At Fame

When Emily has a chance at fame she moves to London to get a record deal but well she's there Simon makes a certain boy band watch over her and two of the boys develop a crush on her what will happen?


26. no name

Emily's POV

We got in the car and drove to the tour bus. There were two beds inside with curtains and then a little are with a curtain under. I could tell which one was Justin's. I took the opposite. I crawled into bed and looked at my phone the boys would just be waking up back in London. I dialed Niall's number and he picked up right away

E-Emily N-Niall

E Hey Nialler

N Hey Bubbles I miss you

E I miss you too

N hey I have to go to the studio text you later love you

E love you to Ni

He hung up and I Stared at the ceiling "you ok?" It was Justin "Yeah just-" "Thinking? About Niall and the boys?" He asked "Yeah how'd you know?" I asked him. "Just a guess" he said "I miss him" I say still staring at the ceiling. "Wanna go watch a movie?" He asked "Sure" I say "wait I'll grab a movie and we can watch on your tv above you" he says "ok" I respond "What movie does Ms. Hawkins want to watch?" He asks "She's the man" I say "your wish is my command" he says going to get the movie. He comes back and turns the movie on. He put his arm around me and I snuggled up against his chest. I fell asleep at some point. When I woke up I went on twitter and checked my feed. I saw tweet with a picture of Justin and I cuddled up sleeping. Aww look at how cute they are is what it was captioned Scooter had tweeted it. I rolled my eyes and layed back down on his chest. Justin mumbled "What were u looking at?" "Picture Scooter posted on twitter" I say "ok" he says. I hop out of bed and head to the kitchen. I grab a bag of Cheetos and sit down when Justin walks out "Damn girl how do you eat things like that and stay so skinny?" He ask "Don't know" I say and go back to eating Cheetos. We sit on the couch until we have to go to our concert

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