A Chance At Fame

When Emily has a chance at fame she moves to London to get a record deal but well she's there Simon makes a certain boy band watch over her and two of the boys develop a crush on her what will happen?


13. Niall's P.O.V

Niall's P.O.V
"Emily?" I said "yeah" "If you could have any pet what would you get?" "I've always wanted to get a manx kitten and a husky puppy and raise them together. I don't know why it just always sounded like fun" "oh that's cool" I said. I got up and went to talk to Louis "Lou" I said "Yeah mate?" "Could you get Eleanor to come hang out with Emily and they can go out I want to do something for her." "You're not going to purpose are you?" He said "Hell no!" I said "Ok I'll call her" I walked over and told Emily to get ready to go out "Why?" She said "you're going to hang out with Eleanor" "OK" She says and goes and gets ready

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