A Chance At Fame

When Emily has a chance at fame she moves to London to get a record deal but well she's there Simon makes a certain boy band watch over her and two of the boys develop a crush on her what will happen?


23. Meeting Justin

Emily's POV

The boys and I were sitting on the couch and taking about what I had just found out "while at least Niall likes JB, it could be worse" Louis says "yeah I guess so" Niall and I mumble. The doorbell rings and Louis goes and gets it "Emily" he yells. I walk to where he's standing and looks who's at the door. "Hey Justin" I say "Hey Emily" he says and hugs me. We sit out on the porch and talk about what we would be doing with the dating and stuff. He also told me how much he regretted what he had done and the he said he knows he must suck with having to fake date him when I had an amazing boyfriend like Niall. I told him we still had to "break up" and he said when do we want to start "dating" we decided in about two weeks.Then we went inside to talk to the boys.

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