A Chance At Fame

When Emily has a chance at fame she moves to London to get a record deal but well she's there Simon makes a certain boy band watch over her and two of the boys develop a crush on her what will happen?


19. jealousy

Harry's POV

There is no way I'm getting her now, I can tell how much Niall likes her I mean for gods sake he bought her a freaking puppy and kitten. I knew she would never go out with me.

Emily's POV

"Emily can i come in?" It was Harry "sure" I say Harry walked in and sat next to me "I'm sorry for how I've been acting lately" he says "it's okay you were just upset I forgive you" I say "thanks bubbles" he says "welcome haz" I say and he hugs me "but do me a favor" I say "what?" He asks "try and make up with Niall" "sure" he says and walks out.

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