happily ever after ?

A story with secrets in it so exited .....x read,you will love it ! I promise ...x!
"I'm not crazy I'm serious I swear that the boy I had a one nightstand with is harry styles ! You think he still knows ?he probably doesn't even knows my name "


4. to busy

harry was performing i realized i really was in love with him i even had sex with him .


Harry walked of the stage and imidiatly looked at me "hey gourgeus,how did i sound ?" "You where amazing harry " harry hugged me tight he pressed my body against his i knew this feeling,we where in love he wisperd something in my ear "i'm waiting for you at midnight behind the tourbus be there " i looked at him and smiled "ill be there . 

*harry's toughts*

I see thousands hundreds of girls looking at me screaming my name i get a adrealine kick everytime on stage ,but all i can think of is charlie...she amazing she's gorgeus and i had sex with her . Its like a fairytail im a popstar and she works for me but im so so desperately in love with her she makes me go crazy but I know I I mean I think that she doesn't even remembers that we had sex there are so many guys that want to fuck her ,I would let nobody touch her if she would be mine ,one day she will I just know . I think I'm going to ask her to come and see meat the ttour bus at midnight that would be awsome 


Its almost midnighI'm exited he wants me to come to him but what is he going to tell me ? I take my bag and walk over the parking line I reach the tour bus but harry wasn't there "I'm probably to early"I think  

I wait 15minutes no harry.

I wait 30minutes no harry.

I wait 60minutes no harry.I'mm debusteded I'm crying and every time a tear reaches my mouth I taste the Soult "I knew it was to good to be true "I take my phone and call harry I hear the phone ring but nobody takes it I sit there on the parking line with my back against the bus I lock my phone 02:15 I've been sitting here for two hours and fifteen minutes its time to go home .


*next day*

I walk towards the studio I'm just going to ignore harry he isn't worthed my effort Lou was right we weren't meant to be he probably forgot my name and ended up with a girl another one night stand .

I open the door of the lounge room with pain in my heart ,butI have to ."heey beautiful"Louis says he was sitting on the couch next to harry I look at harry I look him deep in he's eyes "hey"he sais "really ?" I say I walk backstage I noticed that harry follows me "what harry ,what ?" I shout ,harry closed the door "I said hey'' he says "owww maybe you should've said that on midnight wile I was waiting for you outside in the wind and in the cold ,I stood there for two fucking hours two!...and you probably ended up with some girl !,like two years ago!" I shout I was so mad he might be a popstar but I think that nobody should treaty me like that "that isn't true Charlie you know why I wasn't there because in was scared ! I prepared everything I bought roses I bought a new suit I prepared fucking everything because I was planning on telling you that I love you ! But then I thought what if she thinks I'm just a popstars without any feelings ?" I started crying "don't cry babe I love you","I love you two harry I love ya so much since the first time I've met you,I'm desperately in love with you and I can't help it" all my feelings where coming out "but why didn't you told me that you still remembered two years ago"he asked me "cause I thought you forgot ,I thought that I'm just one of your thousand one nightstands "harry came closer "really Charlie well heres something I thought about that night two years long I didn't had sex with anyone else cause you where everything I ever wanted ,you where always on my mind ,always ," he kissed me he's lips felt so good our Young's where dancing he was stroking my back ."is it weird that seeing you mad ,turns me on"he smiled at me showing his dimples "not at all babe ,not at all"I felt his boner pushing against my legg again .



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