happily ever after ?

A story with secrets in it so exited .....x read,you will love it ! I promise ...x!
"I'm not crazy I'm serious I swear that the boy I had a one nightstand with is harry styles ! You think he still knows ?he probably doesn't even knows my name "


5. second but the best

Well ,you need to know honey you where only the second girl I had sex with and I didn't had sex with anyone else in those two years so I'll be needing it "harry said while laying me down on the bed he came and lay down on me,he took my top of and massaged my back whit is cold hands "gosh harry that's to cold" "sorry babe " I took his shirt of and his pants to so he was only in his boxers he took my skirt of and trow it on the floor next to our other clothes "I'm gonna treaty you like a prinsses no like a queen!'' He took my panties off and started to rub my spine "I need u harry-" I said harry slowly putted two fingers inside me and started to put them in and out of me "gosh harry I'm gonna cum....


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