happily ever after ?

A story with secrets in it so exited .....x read,you will love it ! I promise ...x!
"I'm not crazy I'm serious I swear that the boy I had a one nightstand with is harry styles ! You think he still knows ?he probably doesn't even knows my name "


3. please talk to me

No one was thirsty except harry ,I was glad that harry was thirsty . He probably doesn't even remembers me he'd probably slept with a hounded other girls  "let's grab a drink"I said ,he smiled at me .

We where bought walking towards thecafeteria we walked in and went to sit on a table for two we ordered drinks and then we started a conversation "so Charlie tell me something about yourself merried ? Kids? " "hahah how old do you think I am ?" I laughed "well I guess your my age 19?"he answerd "yes I am19 ,219 and not me tried no kids and single" I looked at him and smiled . That spark in jes eyes was their again I kept on wondering if he still remembers me to . "No ,no are you serious ? A girl like you ...single ?" He was so sweet ! "Yes I'm serious I'm single,I just haven't found the right guy yet" he shook his head "unbelievable ,your gourgeus "he said but than our drinks where finished he handed me my jacket and we walked back to the lounge room "your nice to hang around with Charlie " he said "same here " then our conversation got desturbed by Carl "time to get to work girl !the boys have a show tonight!" "I have to go harry but I'll see you in the make chair " "that sounds amazing !" 

 What was that all about ?"Lou asked me "nothing why ?"I responded "I can see the way you look at him babe , just..don't let him break your heart" "I don't know what your talking about Lou no one will break my heart I'm here for my job" I answered , I didn't mean it it was obvious that I had feelings for harry 

"Stay still liamI said I was doing liams hair but he kept on moving "sorry dear" I continieud cutting five minutes later he's hair looked awesome "wow your good at this ,I like you funny beautiful and talented "liam said "ooh your so sweet liam " it was hharry's turn now he took a seat in the chair as I started combing his hear "do it the way you like it ...okay ?"harry said I responded with a smile . Harry took his cellphone and pressed the new-message button he added a contact named mom and started typing I know I shouldn't read it but it was daring me "heey mom harry-bear here ...I miss you and I have to tell you something ...remember that one nightstand I always talked about and about how much I liked that girl guess what ? She's my new makeup artist and I really really like her mom shes perfect in every opposite she's sweet beautiful an d I really think I'm falling for her what should I do ? XXX ly!" He locked his phone and enjoyed the haircut again ,I was shocked because he still remembers ,I was special for him and he liked me like really like like . Hes phone buzzed "heey mommie here well,I think you should follow your heart if you like her go for it x maybe she's the one "XXX " he closed his phone again "so how is the haircut going?" Harry started "everything is perfect " ,"I'm nervous for the show do,its the first time in such a big stadium I'm so so nervous " harry continieud "oh harry its going to be fine there are a thousand of girls that love you here you have all there support and ofcource ,you have my support " I tried to comfort him "thanks Charlie,that really helps " he's cut was finished he looked in the mirror and smiled at me "you did a great job Charlie "he said while giving me a kiss on the cheek " than he had to go to the stage being harry styles .

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