happily ever after ?

A story with secrets in it so exited .....x read,you will love it ! I promise ...x!
"I'm not crazy I'm serious I swear that the boy I had a one nightstand with is harry styles ! You think he still knows ?he probably doesn't even knows my name "


2. oh no !this can't be true !

"So Lou...tell me which boy band is it ?" I asked her "well Charlie its the most famous boy band on earth ,the most handsome boy band on earth ...it is...ONE DIRECTION!!!" She said with her happy face on . "Omg ,lLou are you serious ? Aahhh I'm so happy !"


Me and Lou where in the cafeteria we still didn't met one direction but then are boss walked over towards us our boss was Carl he was extremely gay but he was verry nice and so kind "hey girls ... its time to meet the members of one direction,we talked with their management and they want us to go on tour with them so.."I felt butterflies again I was so so exited ...


Me andLou walked in the lounge room when I saw four guys standing there "so girls meet Niall,liam,louis and zayn" carl said"boys this is Lou and this is Charlie"Carl said while pointing at me . I shakeds their hands when Louis said"so we will spend the next five months with lovely girls like you ?" I started to blush when Carl said "where is our fifth member ? Where is harry ?'' Carl was stressing out  "relax he's on the toilet he will be here in a minute " Niall said to Carl but then he looked at me from my tows to my spine and he's eyes stayed a little bit longer look mBreast but then he looked in my eyes and smiled at me ...he was cute but not my type . I woke up from my thoughts by hearing a loud noice "there is our fifth member ,girls meet harry ."Carl said "heey girls "harry responded but I couldn't hear his voice all I could see was he's beautiful eyes the way he's hair lays down perfectly the way he dresses how handsome and tall he is ,he was perfect just perfect . Then he walked over to me and shook my hand"I'm harry ""hi I'm charlie ,he looked me in the eyes and he looked at me with a sparkle in he's eyes like he felt the same way about me . Than harry gave me kiss on my cheek but than he turned white and looked at me with a weird face "do I know you ? "He said "euhm ..I don't think so " I respond shyly . But than I rememberd omg why was I so stupid ! The one nightstand I had two years ago! It was harry ! I couldn't breath I couldn't speak it wasn't a dream it was harry ! I had to wake up from my thoughts I had to say something "do anyone wants to drink something cause I'm really thirsty " those where the only words coming out of my mounth .


*harry's thoughts*

I had to go to the toilet but I had to meet those new girls to ,I'm just gonna take a quick pee

I washed my hands and walked over to the lounge room I was exited to see the new makeup artists .I opens the door and whent inside in saw two girls looking at me ...the one with the baby in her hands was pretty but the one standing next to her was gourgeus she was so so beautiful everything about her was perfect I walked over towards her after shaking Lou's hand "hi I'm harry "I said "hi I'm Charlie"she responded I shook herhand it felt so trusting than iI was about to kiss her cheek when I thought about something "I felt this before ,I felt her hands before I felt this feeling before " I was turning white I looked her in her beautiful green eyes she started off blushing " "does anyone wants to drink something cause I'm really thirsty " she said while turning around I was glad I was thirsty.

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