Serendipity -- finding something good without looking.

Figure skating is my everything, it's all I have. I have to work hard to be able to do it and when I do it. I have more than one disadvantage.

But the best thing that came out of all of this torture, was in fact -- serendipity.


2. 1: Way to go Colbie, aren't you a dime piece?

"Colbie Parker!"

At that moment I took off and skated into the middle of the rink, doing spins and twirls every now and then.

I took position and waited for the music to start. I poised my hands close to my skates, as I was slightly hunched over. I heard the piano start to play, so I raised my back leg and straightened up. I put my foot down and pushed off.

I couldn't even hear the music anymore, or the people in the crowd. I let my feet take me away, and I skated with my heart. When my routine was about finished, I took a quick look around the crowd as I skated by. They all looked like normal people, but one person stood out.

It was a guy, he looked young. He had messy black hair, and piercing blue eyes. But what caught my attention was the hockey jersey he was wearing. It was a high school team, actually. I almost fell over when I met eyes with him, but I kept my balance. I cast my eyes away, since I'm only eighteen and still in high school no one here was ever around my age.

All of the other skaters are around twenty or twenty-one. So most young people that came here were in their twenties looking at the pretty girls, or under ten looking at the pretty good figure skaters. Either way, I didn't see anyone my age here.

My routine was finished and I did my curtsy, before skating off of the ice. I took off my skates and put them in my duffle bag. I pulled out my sparkly silver Ugg boots and some PINK sweats. I slipped that stuff on and put on my Block skating jacket; The Block is my skating rink.

I stomped over to the stands and sat in the front row, so I could watch the other skaters. I looked up at the board above the judges table. I'd gotten an almost perfect score from every judge. Holy sh-.

"Excuse me, you did a really good job out there."

I turned to look at whoever just sat down next to me, and saw that it was the guy from before. I squealed quietly when I saw him next to me.

"Uh, thanks," I squeaked before turning back to the ice to watch, Veronica Dale.

"I'm Dallas, what's your name?" The guy ask.

"Uh, Colbie."

"Uh-Colbie. Hmm, never heard that one before," he teased. A small smile appeared on my face and I swatted his shoulder.

"You're still in high school right?" He ask.


"Me too, where do you go to school?" That caused me to look at him weirdly. He's in high school, and he's here?

"I got to Camwood, you?" I ask.

"Mayr Hill," he gestured to the Mayr Hill hockey jersey he was wearing.

"Do you-?"

"Play? I used to."

"Why not anymore?" I ask cautiously, hoping he didn't mind my asking.

"I had a real bad head injury and I've been to scared to get back on the ice. I know, sissy right?" He said quietly, before laughing a low, pathetic laugh.

"No. Not sissy, I would be scared too."

Dallas looked at me for a second before he got up abruptly, and walked off. I stared at his back in confusion as he left. Had I said something wrong?

Just my luck, I finally meet someone my age that doesn't hate me, and I scare them off. Way to go Colbie, aren't you a dime piece?

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