Im In Love With My Teacher.?


1. A New Year

Alex POV

"I can't believe this Emma.! We are finally seniors.! This year is going to be different I just know it.!"

"Is it because we are suppose to have a new really hot math teacher.?

"Oh, maybe just a little...!"

"Okay well I got to go get ready.!! Bye see ya in 30 min.!"

"Okay meet me in my yard."

"Well duh.!"

Me and Emma have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We live next door in identical houses. And we both have a feeling that this year is our year.

1 hour later...

Emma this is our new year.! I can't believe this is happening.!

Just then, that's him.! That's the new teacher.!!! His amazing blonde hair. His gorgeous blue eyes. Omg u can see his 6 pack through his shirt.!

"H...h...hi" I said to Mr. Horan

"Um, hey"

"Uh, yeah yeah can I talk to u in ur classroom for a second.?"

"Um sure right this way."

I turned around and winked at Emma then followed behind Mr. Horan.

"So whatss supp.?!"

"Um well Mr. Horan I just wanted to kinda get to know you. I do this with all of my new teachers."

"Uh okay then ask away"

"Okay are you single.?"


A smile slowly approached Mr. Horan and I face.

"Whatss your favorite color.?"


"What is your favorite food.?"


"Am I in your class.?"


20 Minutes Later

"Who is your favorite student.?"


"Oh really..."


Mr. Horan closed his eyes and started to lean in. Was he going to kiss me.? Was he falling asleep.? He had to be kissing me I mean why else would he pucker up his lips.?! I started to lean in as well. Closing my eyes. His lips smashed into mine. There we say for nearly a minute kissing until he lifted me up and slammed me against the wall. My legs wrapped around his waist. All he did was violently slam me against the wall whispering to me if I wasn't a teacher I would so rip your fucking clothes off right now.! What should I say or do.?

"Well my parents work till 10 tonight why don't u say that ur sick same with me and then we can go to my place and u can do whatever u want to me.!"

"You little fucking genius.!"

"Okay I will go first, then wait 10 minutes and u go I will wait in my car for u. It's a silver Malibu with a pink purple and blue flame going up the sides."

"What about my car.?"


"Just kidding today I took the bus.!"

"Okay, okay let me down now and I will go to the office."

I'm breathing so hard as if I've been running for miles. I try to slow down my breath as I tell the office what happened. They agree to let me go home. As I walk out of the office I see Mr. Horan. Walking down the hall with his coffee. I walk to the parking lot and hop in my car. I sit watching, wondering about Mr. Horan. I see him.! He is walking out of the building now. He was about to get in the car when I seen someone from the office look at him.

"Walk to the bus stop I will get u there.!"

He agreed and walked away. When I picked him up he kissed me an smiled. I quickly drove to my house. Niall ran out of the car and carried me in the house again with my legs wrapped around his torso. As we walked in he slammed the door behind him. He walked up stairs to me room and slammed me against the wall. I moan from the pain.

"M... Mr... Mr. Horan"

"Call me Niall"

"Niall your... Your hurting me.!"

He took me off the wall and slammed me on the bed. He started kissing me. Kissing me everywhere. As he took off my shirt he trailed kisses behind it. He threw my shirt acrossed the room along with my pants. All that remains is my bra and panties. I tear his shirt and pants off as well. I quickly noticed his length is really hard.

"Niall..... I need u to shove it in"

Niall ripped my underwear off and shoved it in not letting me adjust.!I moan uncontrollably.

"F... Faster.! Faster Niall faster.!"

Thrusting his length in and out at full speed.! My walls were starting to tighten.

"Babe hold on.! Don't stop.! Don't stop.!" Niall kept repeating

"I'm trying. Your the one we need to worry about."

We went faster and faster. I didn't even know it was possible. Moan after moan. Faster and faster. Hitting the G spot every time.! Omg the climax is coming.! Uh I just felt him explode inside me. Niall started to slow down. As he removed his length he rolled off of me and laid beside me.

"Holy fucking shit.! That was the bet sex I have ever had.!" Niall exclaimed

"That was the only sex I ever had.!"

"What.!!! Your a fucking virgin."

"Well not anymore" I turned to Niall and smiled

"What the hell why didn't u tell me.!"

"I didn't think it was a big deal sorry.!"

"Holy shit I just screwed I virgin.!"

"Whatss the big deal.?"

"No nothing it's just u can't tell anyone at school what just happened.!"

"Well, duh as long as u make sure a 100% have all A's in your class."


Niall made his way over to my bathroom where he started up the shower and hopped in. After a few minutes I went and joined him. As soon as I got in he picked me up and slammed me against the wall. He started kissing me uncontrollably and his length trying to find a entrance once again.

"Babe, what r u doing.?"

"I'm trying to have sex with u again what does it look like.?"

"I... I don't think I'm ready again.?"

"Well make ur self ready.! Cuz I'm coming in right Now.!"

I let out a huge moan. As I lye against the wall he thrusting up all I can feel is the shower falling on us. Niall started to play win my nipples.! First rubbing them then circling them then licking them and finally sucking on the them. Still thrusting I can barley breath. But it was the most amazing sensation ever.!

Niall's POV

She looked like she was enjoying it. Maybe I should go faster like as fast as I possibly can.

"Omg babe. Babe slow down ur gonna give in to fast.!"


I began to go even faster. Faster then ever. It lasted for about 2 minutes. Alex was moaning every 5 seconds.! And boom I explode everywhere.! To late did I notice the first time I wasn't using protecting neither the second.! What if she gets pregnant.

"Babe, what if u get pregnant.?" I asked

"I will get an abortion" she replied ending with a kiss

I stroke her hair and pull her into a hug. As we finish rinsing off we stop the shower get out and get dressed.! Alex decided to order Chinese food and less then 10 minutes later it arived. As we say there and ate we watched tv. After that we played a few rounds of black ops and took turns playing GTA5.! Then played a little just dance. The one on the XBox is so much better then the wii.! Once school ended Alex dropped me off at home and went back to her house. I kept replaying what happened and thinking to myself. As I thought one thing rolled through my mind more the once. This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.!

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