the beast inside (one direction fan fic)

hello my name is andrea and am 16 years old and im zayn maliks little sister


3. something only family knows

*Andrea's P.O.V.*

agian beep beep and thats when i realized it was my alarm clock telling me to get up for my second day back as a senior yes you are probably wondering why the bloody hell i am a senior at the age of sixteen well I am damn right smart as I would say. So I rolled of my bed onto the floor and I do have to admit it hurt just a little because I landed on something. I got u off the floor and walked to the washroom to get a shower so I stripped myself of my sleeping shirt and shorts and climbed in the shower. (no need to know what happened we do it everyday). I got out of the shower and grabbed my blue towel and walked to my small closet and found a blue jumper with a penguin on it and a pair of black leggings and dressed myself for the day. I walked back in the bathroom after getting dressed and put on a little bit of makeup like foundation, eyeliner, lip gloss, and eye shadow. so then I headed for my keys to my car and walked to my car just outside I got in then drove off to school running a little behind. I walked in a soon as the bell rang and went to my locker that I had received yesterday and got my biology book out and headed for class before anyone could make me late. when I walked in people turned and looked at me some in good ways some in bad. I walked to my seat and sat down and class started. the teacher asked to turn to page 678 and start writing down the vocabulary I did some of it and then started daydreaming about stuff and thinking by the end of class everyone was talking u a storm as I was thinking and then the bell rang snapping me out of my thoughts. so I got up and was about to leave when the teacher said I was needed in the office. I slowly walked to the office and to the waiting room to wait until my name got called by the principle and then another dude walked in and sat down with in 10 minutes of the guy setting there the principle walked in and asked us to come in his office so we both walked in and sat down. I called you in here so you can show this new student around the school beings you both have the exact same schedule" the principle said to me while nodding to the kid. I said "okay" and then he said "also you and him need to get to know each other so you have the rest of the day off and you need to get to know him". I nodded and smiled I was up for it the guy looked kind of cute if I say so myself. he got up going to the door and opening it and saying "good luck miss Mallik". I walked out with the boy following behind me I went to the locker and put away my textbook and turned around to him and asked "what's your name" he looked at me smiled then said "harry, harry styles". that's when I realized that he was in my brothers boy band I looked at him and smiled and said "so your the younger one my brother talks about" he looks at me confused I look up at him and say "Andrea Mallik" he then looked at me very surprised and then he hugged me and said "well nice to meet you finally your brother talks about you all the time". I looked at him scared of what my brother might have said and he must have noticed so he said they were all good things and relief washed over me that instant. *Harry's P.O.V.* I was setting in the limo on the way to my new school that I had to finish my senior year at I looked up and noticed we were here on a big white sign it said Ellwood high school and u under it in small letters it said front office and had an arrow leading the way so I walked in to the waiting room and looked over there was this really pretty girl setting beside me and the principle told us to follow him so we did he looked at her and said "i called you in here to tell you that you need to show this new student around" she smiled and said she would and he said "also you both get the rest of the day off after you show him around" she nodded and smiled at me. her smile made me the luckiest person on the planet at that moment. the principle got up off his chair and walked to the door and told her good luck miss Mallik. and we walked to her locker were she put u her book and turned around to me and said "what's your name" while smiling I said "harry, harry styles" and she then said "so you must be the younger one that my brother talks about" I looked at her confused and she said \Andrea Mallik I was just astonished at what she said that she was my band mates sister and I just like her a lot and I cant do that harry she is kin to one of your best mates I thought. I looked up realizing that I was not paying attention because she was talking and then she stopped and frowned at me and said "am I that boring" I looked at her and quickly said NO! I just wasn't paying attention at all I was thinking about my music\ I lied a little and she just nodded as we headed out of the school I just couldn't stop starring at her and how pretty she was and then we walked u to a nice looking car a porsh to be exact and it was silver I asked if it was hers she just nodded and smiled. and said get in. at that we were off to her house. while on the way there she turned up the music and just give me a reason by pink started playing I liked this song so me and her sang along me a little quieter to hear her voice she had a great voice. we finally after a few songs pulled up to her house and we got out as we walked u I said you have an amazing voice "she looked at me as if I were stupid and said I don't think so I think I will leave zayn to singing" and with that we walked inside. when we walked in her parents looked up at us confused and Mrs. Mallik asked me why I was here and I told her that I had to finish my senior year of school and Ellwood just so happened to be the place I finish it at. I told her and she just nodded and told us that she would bring up a snack in a few minuets and we nodded and went to andrea's room and played 20 questions (20 questions their game) HQ= harrys question AQ= andreas question A= answer HQ: what is your fav color A=blue AQ= when you walked into the office waiting area why were you staring at me A= because you are really pretty you could be a model HQ= well how old are you A=sixteen AQ= what about you how old are you A= seventeen (this is when they first started out) HQ= why did you dip-die your hair blue A= because its my fav color and I just did it etc. *Andrea's P.O.V.* mum come walking in with dead rats and I looked at her confused so I took her out of the room and said why did you bring that as a snack he doesn't know what we are you could have ruined our hide out she looked at me surprised and said hunny calm down hes a vampire too. I screamed what. it must have been loud because harry walked out and asked if everything as okay I nodded and he walked back into my room and we ate our snack. I was kind of shocked so I broke the silence and asked him when he became a vampire and he said "about 268" years. he asked me how old I was I said "283". he looked at me like " how come your older" look. I simpily told him because I am. we both busted out laughing and things. after that we asked each other just random questions and I was kind of getting curies about what his strengths were so I asked him what they were. "well my strengths are reading minds even though I cant read yours, I also have force power, and also I can teleport" he said. *Harry's P.O.V.* after she asked what my strengths were I asked her what she could do. she replied saying " I have super speed, also I can read minds and harry stop thinking about me, I have strength like you too again, and I can also teleport". I blushed after she said that I just couldn't stop and she new I couldn't so she put on her ring so she didn't have to hear my comments. after talking some more I had to go back to the school to be picked up by the limo so she drove me back to the school and sure enough the limo was there so she drove up to the limo and she got out and walked me up to the limo and zayn jumped out and hugged her before she left and I had explaining to do about how I know his sister thank god she was the only one that could read minds in the family because if not he would be fuming. *Andrea's P.O.V.* I just dropped harry off and I went home and slept until I finally decided that I wanted to go for a walk and for a snack around the woods so I went and changed into a pair of sweats because its cold here in London and also its October here which makes it even colder. after changing I ran outside with my phone in one hand and house keys in another and ran down the road towards the forest that you see before you get to my house. when I finally got there I started walking and thinking. something rustling in the bushes pulled me out of my thoughts and then out came a deer I was kind of hungry so I attacked it and was sucking the blood out of it when I saw someone coming and just so happened to be my...........
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