the beast inside (one direction fan fic)

hello my name is andrea and am 16 years old and im zayn maliks little sister



READ VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay guys i have some news i have a co-author for this story now and go search her her name is:


she is an excellent writer i beleive she is better than me and plszzzz go check out her storehhs i am so excited that she is co- authoring for me YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also the opening for nialls girlfriend is now closed but i will be needing more parts later in the story so get ready to comment the usesh okay guys i will annouce the winner after the next chapter thanks guys for reading and i know i say this alot but plszzzzz comment i realy need your ideas guys its very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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