the beast inside (one direction fan fic)

hello my name is andrea and am 16 years old and im zayn maliks little sister


7. Katt


Hi I'm Katt Morgan! I'm Niall Horan's Girlfriend! I'm 18 i live by myself i have known Ni for a long time since we were in 3 grade and where bestfriends then when we were 16 at my sweet sixteen he asked me out and now we are here my parents died when i was in 3 grade that is why i had moved to ireland my grany lives there but thats me oh and i have bright blue hair with red tips and kinda grey blue eyes. I have one brother he is my twin and he lives in the U.S. with his Girlfriend. 

"Do we have to go to meet the boys they dont know me they probly wont like me" i said to my boyfriend as he continued to drive towords there house he never told them about me for 4 months we have been together and no one has found out 

"Baby they will love you, you will meet zayn's sister, Perrie And El and if they hate you i always will love you i promise forever and always"

"i love you to"

* skip the rest of the car ride*

we walk up to he door hand in hand he opens the door and walks in

"guys its niall!!!!" he screamed then i heard foot steps and then peopl just piled in the room 

"whos that" they all asked

"im Katt Ni's Girlfriend" i said shyly 

"well him im zayn this is my girlfriend perrie and that is my sister Andrea" he said pointing to them

" hi im liam" 

"hi im Louis and his is El" he yelled

"hi im harry"

"hi" i said shyly we went in to the living room and started talking we ended up staying the night there it was fun me Perrie, El, and Andrea we pretty close bye then

~hay im Maliksgirl423 i hope you like it and um yep if you like it just comment i really like people telling me how they feel so yea bye

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