the beast inside (one direction fan fic)

hello my name is andrea and am 16 years old and im zayn maliks little sister


1. intro

*intro* hello my name is Andrea Jane Mallik and I am Zayn Mallik's sister. I am sixteen and I live with my parents but my brother on the other hand lives with his fellow band mates in London in this huge mansion and its bloody awesome but I have only been there once and I still have not seen his band mates but I also barley see my brother either. but back to me I have medium cut chocolate brown wavy hair dip-dyed in turquoise blue and I have a light blue-ish honey colored eye with a hint of gray but when I am upset or excited my eyes change to green don't judge me I was born this way. I love to hang out with my friends a lot and go shopping but not one of them know that I am zayn's younger sister they know he has one they just don't know its me. I want to tell them but only one of them knows and the rest are directioners don't get me wrong I like his band but im not insane about them for one my brother is in the band so I have 4 out of 5 chances left and two im just not a very dedicated person to anything at all. I really never have been to anything that's why I don't lay any sports. I guess it would be fun to try but I would forget everything I had to do so I probably wouldn't be good at it. that's why my things are shopping, sleeping, eating, going to school (ugh), and hanging out with my friends. I have 4 best friends by the names of Bella (we call her bells), Makayla ( we call her mac), Sohie (we call her soph), and my closest friend Brooke (we call he brookie and she's the one that knows zayns my brother). I love them all (but me and brookie are the closest to each other and we tell each other everything from our first kiss to our deepest darkest secret). And that kind of makes up the populars group we kind of do our thing around the school the only weird thing about us five is that we all have a different personality bells is the cherri jokester, mac is the quiet girl of the group, soph is the caring, brookie is crazy and wild, and for me im the badass girl of the group and I don't even let anybody and I mean anybody push me around nor my friends or family that's for sure. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hey guys this is my first chapter of my first movella and I hope you like it please leave me comments and tell me when to update I will be trying to update as soon as possible I am using my moms laptop and I hope you enjoy the intro also I have a contest for yalls nickname I will hold the contest until the 22nd of febuary so guys comment nicknames that I should call you -shelby

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