Dark Poison

Willow's dreams have always been strange. They feel as real as reality but the minute she wakes up she can't remember anything that happened in them. Until the day she does. And that's when the truth is revealed:
There's another world existing alongside our own and Willow's a part of it.


7. Chapter 7

For the first few minutes all I can do is stare. Dean remains quiet, seeming to understand that I need a moment to just take it all in. 
To actually see the sky held in it's perpetual sunset and feel the pulse of nature and glamour beneath my feet is transcendent. To physically know both in my mind and bones that this place is real and not just a figment of my imagination and dreams has left me breathless.
I want to reach out and feel the rush of power as the trees respond to me and my hand has just started twitching when it hits me. It's the barest whisper of a question in the deepest corners of my mind but once I've heard it it's all I can focus on.
If I'm not Fey, how do I have glamour?

"You ready to get going? Will?" Dean knocks me in the side with his elbow and I try to shake the thought from my mind, willing myself to just forget about it. But it won't fade away. It stays exactly where it is, demanding attention.
"Am I human, Dean?" 
He glances at me in surprise and I see the hint of a smile tug at his lips, as though he's about to laugh it off. The smile fades as he takes in my expression. "Sort of."
I let out a deep breath. "What do you mean, 'sort of'?"
He looks conflicted. "Look, perhaps we should talk about this later." He starts to walk forward but I grab his hand and pull him back.
"Was it my dad?" My voice is smaller than I'd intended it to be. "My mum didn't like to talk about him; whenever I brought him up she'd change the subject." Dean's face is a blank mask. "Was my dad Fey?"
"No, your dad wasn't Fey, Will. He was one hundred percent human just like your mother." I'm shaking in confusion at his words and he seems to notice the flood of questions I'm about to throw at him. "I promise I'll explain everything later, Will, but for right now we seriously have to get moving. We're too exposed standing this close to the gateway."
"If my parents aren't Fey then how do I have glamour? Normal humans don't have glamour, that's why they're normal." I'm shaking my head. "What am I?"
"That's what I'd like to know."

Dean pushes me backwards and places himself between me and the voice, shielding me from the figure who's emerged from the trees. My heart is hammering within my chest; I could swear I knew that voice. 
"We're not looking for a fight." Dean's voice is steady.
Ignoring the warning vibes Dean is sending me, I step to the side of him so I can get a clear view of the Fey. They meet my eyes and the second they do I'm frozen. Their eyes are a swirling mass of blue, grey and silver that I've seen before. They narrow slightly in curiosity as he takes me in and a lazy smirk crosses his lips when he realizes I remember him. 
"Dean..." I can't speak above a whisper.

Get ready to run.

I tear my gaze away from the boy opposite us as Dean's words float through my mind and see that glamour is slowly trailing up his arms towards his hands. 
"Like I said, we're not looking for a fight." His tone is full of warning. 
The boy is still staring at me. "Neither am I."
A blinding flash of light bursts from Dean's palms heading straight at the boy who throws his own hands up, drawing on his own glamour to deflect it. Me and Dean are already running by the time the light has dissolved. Dean has always run faster than me, but now he's relentless. He's practically dragging me with him as he darts around trees, urging us to move faster with every step. 
Shards of ice shatter above as the boy hurls his glamour after us. I glance behind and a needle-thin sliver of ice slices across my cheek. I gasp in pain as I feel pinpricks of blood appear. 
"We're not gonna...outrun him." I'm gasping for breath and know I won't be able to run much further. 
"Then what do you suggest?" Dean lunges to the left and I feel like my arm is being ripped from it's socket as I'm forced to follow. 
My response is ripped from my throat as the ground beneath our feet becomes coated with a layer of solid ice. Dean tries to stop himself from falling but it's useless and he crashes into the trunk of a tree. I throw my hands out in front of me just as I slam into him and feel the air get thrown from my lungs. 

I'm still reeling from the impact when Dean pulls himself to his feet and attempts to take my hand again.
"You're not seriously still thinking of running are you?" The boy is leaning against a tree, tossing a ball of ice up and then catching it as he stares at Dean, one eyebrow raised in question. 
Dean has a cut on his forehead but even as I look it starts to glow slightly and I realize he's using his glamour to heal it. He reaches out a hand and I take it, wincing as he pulls me to my feet. 
"Look, what do you want?" 
The boy rolls his eyes and pushes off from the tree, taking a few steps towards us. "I want to know what she is. I asked her before but she vanished before I could get an answer."
Dean glances at me questioningly at the boy's words. 
"I've met him before, recently in fact. In one of-" The words are lost as a lance of pain spikes through me and I grab my arm, gasping as I feel the marks grow slightly. It only lasts a couple of seconds and I'm glad for the seal the Healer placed upon it, otherwise it would've been worse. 
Dean's face is grim as he glances at my arm.
The boy's eyes have widened as he took in the marks running up my arm and he frowns as he meets my gaze again. "I'm Jay. And you are?"
"Dying." He lets out a laugh at my response and I see a grim smile light Dean's features. 
"I can see that. Tell you what, how about you start by telling me your story and we'll see where things go from there, huh?"
"You're a Dark Fey. How can we trust that you won't decide to attack us?" Dean's voice is hard.
"I've been wanting to know what she is since the moment I saw her. Believe me, I'm not going to do anything until you've finished." Jay's eyes flash purely silver for a moment and I shiver despite myself. "But if that's not enough for you, there's a neutral ground not far from here. We can go there if that'll make you feel safer."
I can sense Dean's crumbling resolve at this suggestion. I'm guessing 'neutral ground' is pretty much what it sounds like and I glance at Dean who mentally confirms it for me. "Fine. We'll go there, we'll tell you our 'story' but then we're done."
Jay smirks and walks forward until he stands in front of us. "It's a deal." He holds out a hand and after a slight pause I take it.

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