Dark Poison

Willow's dreams have always been strange. They feel as real as reality but the minute she wakes up she can't remember anything that happened in them. Until the day she does. And that's when the truth is revealed:
There's another world existing alongside our own and Willow's a part of it.


3. Chapter 3

I'm sitting on the doorstep when he arrives, shivering in my thin shirt as the cold wind swirls around me. He takes one look at me and walks straight into the house, returning moments later to wrap a blanket around my shoulders. I shoot him a weak smile to thank him but it falters as I take in his own expression; I've never seen him look so serious in all my life. 
"Do you wanna tell me what happened?"
I bite my lip and uncurl my arm from my side, reaching it out in front of me so he'd be able to see it. His brown eyes seem to flash black for a second before his fingers touch the charred skin lightly. I wince and he sighs as his fingertips gently run over the mark. 
"The good news is that the burning should go down soon. Bad news is those marks aren't going to fade; they're going to grow."

I don't question how he knows this, I merely pull my hand away and tug the blanket tighter around me.

"There was a girl." I murmur and Dean leans closer to hear me better. "She was hurt and I accidentally hurt her worse. She grabbed me and her touch burnt like icy fire." A shiver makes it's way up my spine. "I woke up and I could remember the dream perfectly, every single detail."
"And then you saw your arm." He states grimly and I nod.
"The second I woke up pain shot through it, the same icy burning as in the dream. And when I looked I saw the hand print." I laugh humorlessly. "And the only explanation I could come up with was that my dream must have been real because I certainly didn't go to sleep with this mark on my arm. There's no other way I could have gotten it. Unless I'm losing my mind and somehow did it to myself." I wipe at my eyes angrily, hating that I'm getting so worked up about it but at the same time knowing it's a perfectly logical reaction. 

"You're not crazy."
I meet Dean's eyes and shake my head. "How do you know?"
His expression is pained and he rises swiftly to his feet, holding out a hand and pulling me up with him. "Let's go inside and I'll tell you everything, Will."
I shiver at his tone and let him tug me into the house.


"There's a reason you could never remember your dreams, Will. It's because I blocked them. I made it so the second you woke up you'd forget everything because that's what I had to do."
I stare at him and blink slowly, not quite following him and he lets out a groan. 
"I always knew this would be difficult. You've been brought up in this world completely oblivious to the Other Side. Getting you to believe is going to be near impossible."
"You're not making any sense, Dean. I have a serious problem here, can't you take it seriously?"
He drops down in front of me and takes my hands in his. "Will, I've never been more serious about anything in my life. You're just going to have to hear me out and trust that what I say is the truth."

I shake my head and push him away from me. "You're being ridiculous, I don't want to hear it. I shouldn't have called you, I should have just waited for my Mum to get home."
"I've also been blocking your glamour." His voice is quiet and holds a tinge of shame. "Believe me, I never wanted to, but they said it was the only way to ensure your safety."
The word 'glamour' hits a nerve and I frown, clutching at my head as a memory almost surfaces. I'd heard that word before, but where?

Dean stands up and starts pacing the room, the fire flickering behind him and casting his shadows around the room as he mutters to himself. 
"What can I say? She won't believe anything without some solid proof." He pauses. "So maybe that's what I should give her." Resolution seems to settle on his face and he comes to a stop in front of me. "Will, I'm gonna give you back your dreams."
I roll my eyes. "What, the ones you've been 'blocking'?" 
He doesn't reply, just reaches out a hand and taps me on the head with his index finger. There's a brief flash of warmth and then the memories begin flooding my mind. 

About a hundred different parts of the same forest, an ever-present sunset, a field sweeping over the ground at my touch, power rippling throughout the trees, a boy with unearthly eyes, nature responding to my very will...

I come back to the present, my head reeling with the shock of my returned dreams. I remember everything, how real every single one had felt. I stare at my hands in horror as I imagined roots springing from the ground simply because I'd wanted them to. My eyes meet Dean's and I shake my head, unable to form any words.
"I've tried to hide you away from it all for so long, Will. I didn't let anyone see you while you visited there and I made sure you forgot everything the second your eyes opened." He runs his hands through his hair, a sign that he's frustrated. "But you've been getting stronger lately. Your body's always tired because your mind is telling it you've been up all night wandering and the pull is only getting stronger. You want to go back there, that's why you find it so easy to fall asleep, you're constantly trying to get there."
"Get where?" I whisper.

"Into the world of Fey." 


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