Dark Poison

Willow's dreams have always been strange. They feel as real as reality but the minute she wakes up she can't remember anything that happened in them. Until the day she does. And that's when the truth is revealed:
There's another world existing alongside our own and Willow's a part of it.


2. Chapter 2

"Oi, Will. Will?"
I jolt awake as Dean jabs me in the ribs and as usual my dream trickles away like water before I can focus on anything that had happened. The movie is still playing and night has fallen, shrouding the house in darkness. I'd somehow managed to fall asleep leaning against Dean's shoulder and if we weren't so close I might have been embarrassed. 

"Sorry." I rub at my eyes and blink at the TV. "How much did I miss?"
"Two fights, the guy cheated on the girl and I'm pretty sure she's about to find out that he did." He meets my eyes and his own narrow in concern. "You were muttering in your sleep, that's why I woke you up."
I blink up at him. "Really? What was I saying?"
"Something about a forest. What were you dreaming about?"
"A forest I'm guessing." He rolls his eyes and I laugh softly. "You know I don't remember, I never do."

Dean sighs and stands up, his back clicking as he stretches. "Well I'm gonna go before you fall asleep again. I'll see you tomorrow."
I don't bother getting up, he'll see himself out. "If you could come here a little earlier just in case I sleep in again I'd appreciate it."
He flashes me a smile and nods. "Will do."
I drift into unconsciousness the second the door clicks shut. 


I'm flat on my back staring up at the orange tinted sky, a strange sense of peace settled within me. My palms are flat against the grass as I call on the power and I can feel the earth responding to my touch. I tilt my head to the side and watch as flowers begin to push out of the ground, each one delicate and beautiful.

A shrill scream pierces the air and I'm on my feet in an instant, gazing around warily for any sign of threat. I can't see anything but I can hear someone approaching, their breaths wild and mingled with hysteric sobs.
A girl bursts out from behind a cluster of bushes and stumbles into the clearing. Her icy eyes are wild and when they meet mine they flash darker. She staggers towards me, her hands clutching at her stomach. As I look closer I can see the dark material of her shirt is dripping wet and when she reaches for me her hands come away red.

"They're hunting me! You have to help. I'm too weak, I can't call on the Shadows but you can. Please, help me!" Her voice is desperate and she grabs at my hands as angry sobs wrack her body. 

"Who's hunting you?" I wince as her hands tighten around mine. 
She stares at me like I'm insane. "The Light fey! They're coming, you have to stop them!" Her eyes suddenly seem to focus on my hair and she takes a step back, confusion lighting her features. "Who are you? Your eyes speak the earth and your hair is flame but you wear our clothes?" She lunges forward and grabs my wrist, screaming in my face. "What are you?"

"Get off of me!" Panic swells within me and I feel the power tug inside. Roots suddenly burst from the ground, throwing the girl off me and creating a divide between us. Long black thorns cover the roots and I stumble backwards to avoid being impaled by them.
A weak yelp comes from the other side of the roots and I dive around them to watch as a thorn jabs further into the girls stomach. I lunge forwards and pull her away from the growing brambles, dropping to my knees beside her when we'd moved far enough.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't know I could do that, please, I'm sorry." I'm shaking with shock and the girl is motionless, only her glaring eyes a sign that she's even conscious.
"You're...one of...them." She hisses at me and I shake my head, not knowing what she means.
"I don't know what you're talking about. One of who?"

The girls eyes are growing dimmer with every second but she suddenly seems to gain some strength because her arm shoots up and grabs my hand. Her touch burns and I try to pull away but she holds on with everything she has.

I cry out as the burning seems to spread from my hand and all the way up my shoulder. When she finally releases me I have tears streaming down my cheeks and my whole right arm is numb with pain.
"You won't last...more than a day." The girl chokes out. "Soon there'll be...one less Light fey...tainting our world."
 She takes in a final ragged breath and goes still.

The clawing sensation rips through me and the world goes dark.


I wake up and scream as pain shoots through my arm, burning just like it had in the dream. My eyes widen and I clutch at my head as the memory of the dream becomes crystal clear in my mind. The forest, the girl, the thorns, everything is there. I remember everything.
The pain in my arm subsides and I hold it out in front of me to see if it is actually burnt like I'd imagined. A black hand print is seared onto the back of my hand and tiny marks like lightening spread from the mark and up my fingers like a tattoo.

My phone is in my hand within seconds, my fingers dialing the only number I know off by heart.
"Hello?" His voice is thick with sleep but it clears the minute he hears my gasping sobs. "Willow, what is it? What's wrong?"
"I...I think...I think my dream was real."

It sounded crazy and made no sense at all but Dean didn't seem to care.

"I'll be over in 5 minutes."

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