Dark Poison

Willow's dreams have always been strange. They feel as real as reality but the minute she wakes up she can't remember anything that happened in them. Until the day she does. And that's when the truth is revealed:
There's another world existing alongside our own and Willow's a part of it.


1. Chapter 1

I open my eyes to the familiar sight of the woods and a small sense of happiness curls it's way into my heart. No matter how many times I visit this place it's subtle beauty always manages to take my breath away. The towering oaks and eternal sunset, the unique smell of nature, even the way the breeze whispers through the leaves. 
I reach a hand out and place my palm flat against one of the trunks, willing the wood to respond to me just like it always does. A warm sensation flutters within me, moving from my chest and into my outstretched arm, right down to my fingertips. I focus on letting the warmth give power to the oak and a small smile tugs at my lips. Removing my hand I take a wide step backwards as the tree begins to grow, it's trunk lengthening and branches reaching higher until the tree towers above the rest. 
A breathy laugh escapes my lips and I stare at my hand in wonder. I knew I could do it, I've done it before, but I'm always left speechless at the end. 


I jump at the voice and spin round to face the owner of it, my heart hammering against my chest. This is new, I don't remember ever seeing someone in the woods before. 
A boy steps out from behind one of the oaks, a cold smile etched onto his lips. His hair is a deep brown, so dark it's almost black and his eyes are an impressive mix of blue, grey and silver, as though they can't decide what colour they actually want to be. 

"What are you?" His voice is cool and guarded but I can sense his genuine curiosity. "Your hair is like fire and you wield Summer glamour, both signs that you belong to the Light but you wear the colours of Dark. It doesn't make sense."

I glance down at my hair tumbling down past my shoulders and frown. My hair only shows shades of red in the light, otherwise it merely looks brown and my black t-shirt and leggings are just what I'd usually wear. What the hell he meant by 'light' and 'dark' I have no clue.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I swallow as his eyes seem to flash purely silver and he takes a few meaningful steps forward. I blink as I take in his clothes; black jeans, navy shirt and a silver chain looped around his neck. 
"Dark colours weaken the Light fey, yet you seem unaffected." His tone states that I should know what he's talking about. "How is that possible?"
"'Light fey'?" I shake my head in confusion. "Seriously, I, I don't understand."

He opens his mouth to reply when a clawing sensation rips through my chest, dragging a scream from my lungs and causing my knees to buckle. I hit the ground and bend double as a wave of nausea washes over me. 
I'm vaguely aware of the boy kneeling beside me, his hand on my arm and nails digging in as he speaks words I can't hear. 
A gasp escapes my lips and I look up to stare straight into his panicked eyes and the realization hits me."This is a dream."

The forest shatters and the darkness engulfs me.  


I bolt up in bed, my pulse racing like I've just run a marathon. I lean back against the pillows and struggle to remember the dream. All I can focus on is a pair of unearthly silver eyes and a fleeting whisper of 'light' and 'dark'. Everything else is gone and no matter how much I struggle I can't remember any more. 

My phone goes off while I'm waiting for my heart to return to normal and I pick it up, already knowing who it is.

"I've been outside just knocking the door for about 10 minutes now, if you're not down in like 2 seconds I'm leaving without you."
The line cuts off before I can respond and I groan as my eyes focus on the time. I crawl out from under the covers and grab the first clothes I see, not caring how creased or dirty they are. 

Dean jumps back from the door as I throw it open and raises an eyebrow, taking in my appearance. I'm wearing an over-sized white t-shirt and leggings, my hair thrown up in a messy bun. The bags under my eyes are ridiculous and my skin looks unhealthily pale
He opens his mouth to comment on how I look but I hold up a hand to stop him.
"Don't say anything, just turn around and start walking." 
A grin stretches across his face as he turns around and I hear him chuckle. I sigh and close the door behind me, calling a goodbye to my sleeping mother.We crunch down the gravel driveway, our boots moving in unison and I brush at my shirt, attempting to get rid of a few of the creases but give up shortly after starting. 
"Don't get me wrong, I love the whole 'just crawled out of bed look' but seriously Will, you look like hell." He shoots me a smile and I roll my eyes at him. "What's up?"
"I feel like I'm always tired. Like, I can get all the sleep in the world but the minute I wake up it's like I didn't go to bed at all." A frown creases my forehead and I rub my arms as a shiver makes it's way up my spine. "I sound crazy, like usual."
Dean laughs and shoots me a smile. "Your crazy talk is what makes you you, Will."

My hand runs over a tender part of my arm and I wince, a hiss of pain escaping my lips. I pull up the sleeve of my shirt and my eyes fall on four crescent moon marks. An image of a hand on my arm and silvery eyes gazing into mine flashes before my eyes but vanishes the minute I try to hold onto it.
"What's wrong?"
I pull my sleeve down again and meet Dean's concerned eyes, trying to push away the feeling of uneasiness that's settled over me."Nothing. Come on, if we don't hurry up we'll be late."

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