suicide letter

Liana leaves her in progress suicide letter at a concert.
Andy biersack finds it.
What will happen?
Read to find out


10. the cold truth

I'm a failure my life is unusable I'm unlovable..

I whisper these thing to myself as Andy and Ashley calm me down

"Andy" I say getting up " I need to go to the bathroom" 

"I'm not stupid Leana I'm coming with you" 

"Why do you want to see my scars on my legs to now?

"Leana please" he says starting to tear up" please tell me you didn't"

"Andy I don't think your ready to see them"

He looks at me with a hard angry face 

"Leana go now im coming with you"

I say nothing but I get up and walk towards the bathroom

I take off my sweat pants and am left in my underwear 

I try to cover up because I feel fat but Andy take my hand away and looks at my cuts and scars and burns

He looks up at me

"I'm never letting you out of my sight"


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