suicide letter

Liana leaves her in progress suicide letter at a concert.
Andy biersack finds it.
What will happen?
Read to find out


6. the box

My ears are ringing as I pick up the box..

Voices in my head keep saying use them how pathetic you are... your worthless and you know it... show them the letter your parents left you...telling you how worthless you are...what a mistake...


"Yea leana?" 

Tell him! Show him! My whole body screamed

"Take this box and open it please.."


He takes the box and slowly opens it.

Do you want to know what was in that box?

I bet most of you can guess

Blades.. suicide letters... mean notes from bullies.. and the letter my parents left,

Damn it Leana your a failure it seemed to say

"Leana please.."

"Can you take it for now? I dont care if you read every note letter or anything.. just please don't throw ANY of it away"

OK I promise" 

His voice matched his face which had sadness and pain 

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