suicide letter

Liana leaves her in progress suicide letter at a concert.
Andy biersack finds it.
What will happen?
Read to find out


13. terror

*killing myself taking matters to my own hands*

I pick up my phone


"Hi honey.."

I scream and drop the phone

Andy runs in im laying on the ground shaking and Andy picks up the phone. 

"Who is this" he says his words dripping venom

Muffled words come from the phone he takes the phone takes off the back takes out the battery and throws it out the window 

"Lana? Why are you scared of them?"

"He r-rap-ped m-me"  i said shaking and crying

"He did? Are you ok when did he do it?"

"Every year since i was 12"

He hugged me tight and kept me there until I calmed down 

It was late so i went to bed 

As soon as i fell asleep memories flooded back. 

Him touching me. Him holding a gun to my throat so I didn't scream. Whispering things into my ear

You like daddy don't you? You like my big dick in your tight little pussy don't you? Yeah you do! Fuck yes keep fucking daddy! Fuck fuck fuck! Ahh daddy's little slut! Shit! Yeah baby!

Daddy please it hurts! I cried.

Tell me you like it or i will shoot you in the throat. He growled 

I-i like it-t daddy. I whimpered.

He got off of me and untied me. Get in the shower you slut.

I woke up screaming




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