suicide letter

Liana leaves her in progress suicide letter at a concert.
Andy biersack finds it.
What will happen?
Read to find out


12. changes

Andy walked into the hotel checked into our rooms and lead me into his and ashelys room.

"Ashley Leana needs to share a room with me again.. she started doing that 'thing' again."

Ashelys head snapped up as he stared me down.

"Ashely please stop staring at me" I say close to tears


I walk into my old room picking up things and packing them I walk into the bathroom and look around. I see it. Its right there.I walk over to it and pick it up

I walk to the sink and clean it and pack it into one of my bags. I slowly walk into Andy and my room and set my bags on the floor.

Please don't go through my bags

"I'm going to look through those you realize that right?"

 I nod.

He unzips the first one and shuffles his hand through it and checking all the pockets

And then he goes to the other one and checks all the pockets. He reaches toward the pocket that has the razor in it.. I walk over unzip it take out the razor and throw it away.

He smiles

"Good job Lana"



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