suicide letter

Liana leaves her in progress suicide letter at a concert.
Andy biersack finds it.
What will happen?
Read to find out


16. angel or demon

I opened my eyes but didn't recognize this room or who I was.. I looked at my hands. They were so pale and perfect. I looked at my arms *sigh* still scarred and bloody. I looked around the room again trying to process what's happening. The room looked like a hospital room. There was a extremely tall man dressed in all black with a move and lip ring. He looked so familiar... I stand up and slowly inch towards him and try to touch his shoulder. My fingertips graze Hus jacket but don't touch it... they go right through... 

"Oh My god.."

I'm dead.. and that man is a crying mess of Andy biersack... 

"Andy??" He looks up and his eyes widen. 

"God now I'm hallucinating.." he chuckles nervously to himself.

"Andy help what's going on!?" I plead with him crying 

He looks up at me. 

"I love you lana. Why did you leave me.?"

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