suicide letter

Liana leaves her in progress suicide letter at a concert.
Andy biersack finds it.
What will happen?
Read to find out


2. Andy finds it

"Hey Andy there's something on the ground over there would you might getting it?"

"Yeah no problem."

*the letter*

To anyone who cares. These are my last words or I guess this is a suicide letter I don't know...everyone hates me... I hate me.. I'm ugly, fat, and I'm a freak... after my last concert I'm going to end my life. No warning. But if you do care don't make me do this without knowing. Call my number and tell me. It won't change anything but it will help knowing not everyone hates me, the mistake.


Or even come to my house..Stop me..

Address... random

From the hated..


*end of letter*

"Guys get in the van. Don't ask why just go."

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