One Direction Imagines / Preferences

Hello there! This is some One Direction Imagines and Preferenes i made, wuhu ( no shit sherlock). Hope you guys gonna like it! Please come with some feedback. [ Maybe a little dirtyyyy].

xx Mathilde


5. You get drunk


Niall: You and Niall had a wedding tonight, and he was the best man, and you were one of the bridesmaids. The night was pretty fun, you and Niall danced and you both made the most of it, only problem was there was no alcohol at the reception. You thought this was pretty boring and so did Niall. You and Niall had to pass up going to Louis and Eleanor’s house for a fun night with everyone. It was still early in the night only about 10:00 everyone was dancing but you had to admit, this wedding would be 100 times more fun with alcohol. You being the fun party person you are, you tried to have fun but you were basically in a group of people who weren’t as fun going. You walked up to Niall, “pss let’s get out of here?” you suggest as Niall was sitting, “hmm how are we going to do that?” “easy, come with me” you smile and take his hand, you make your way to the bride and groom. “Hey congratulations again, it has been a really good night, we are so sorry to leave I have a family problem that needs to be taken care of” you say, the bride understands and you and Niall rush out. “Wow that was easy” “hmm it was, now come on” you laugh hopping into a cab. “Where are we going?” Niall asks, “Louis and Els” you reply. You arrive and Louis and Eleanors and straight away break into the alcohol, of course the others has already started. After a few drinks, actually a lot of drinks you were lets say, uhh drunk. The boys were making fun of you, and Niall decided it was time to go home, but you didn’t want to go home, so you proposed that he goes home and you stay. This pissed Niall off a little but he knew you weren’t the type of girl who liked to be controlled. Niall left knowing you were pretty safe in Louis and Eleanor’s house, with everyone. A few more hours passed and the others were pretty much passed out on he floor. You were the only one still standing…. just. Even though you were drunk you still knew you had to get home. You grabbed a cab and managed to give the driver your address. As soon as you arrive home you start to walk on the grass, being too lazy to walk around. Suddenly the sprinklers turn on, and you are getting soaked. You screech as the cold water soaks you, and you stumble over, walking on wet grass with heels, while drunk will never end well. You hear the front door open and Nialls cute laugh. You look up and see Niall pissing himself as you, “this isn’t funny” you state pulling yourself up, and walking inside, dripping wet. “you’re right this isn’t funny it’s hilarious” he chuckles, and you give him and evil look. You take your heels off and let them fall where ever, before undoing your dress also letting that fall wherever. You tried to make your way upstairs but you had a slight problem, you couldn’t manage to unlock the child lock. “Stupid thing” you mumble, “people over the age of 10 should have no problem with it” Niall laughs, “screw you” you say chucking your bag at him, which was the only thing you had in your hands. “I bet Annabell could open it before you” Niall makes fun of you, “she just started walking” you say, fiddling with the child lock. Niall just watches you and laughs. You finally manage to unlock it and stumble your way up to your room. “Wait where is she?” you randomly say, “where’s who?” Niall asks walking in the room. “Annabell?” “I don’t know” Niall shrugs smiling, you shoot up off the bed and try looking for your little girl. “Calm down she is at your mums remember” Niall laughs dragging you back to your room, you sigh, and stumble back into bed.

Zayn: After many boring nights of staying home with your little girl while Zayn was at the studio, or in meetings you were chasing a 4 year old around. Today Zayn had the night off, and at first the two of you were going to spend the night together, that was until Zayn insisted on you going out with the girls and having some fun. You didn’t object, after all you were always up for a good night. You got ready and said goodbye before leaving. You and the girls decided on going to dinner before hitting the club. As usual none of you could help yourselves and had to have a drink, or 2, or 3,4 maybe even 5. You were drunk, but you were the type of drunk who still knew what was happening, and when guys were trying to lure you and your friends to go with them, you called it a night and made sure your friends did too. You got in a cab and went home. You paid the driver before you stumbled your way up to the door of the house. You couldn’t seem to find your keys, you heard them jingling in your bag but your couldn’t get ahold of them. So you decided to ring the doorbell, after a few rings, Zayn finally opened the door. “Well look who’s home” he chuckles, “I am” you happily say walking in, and stumbling your way around. “Had too much to drink did we?” Zayn asks watching you carefully, “nooo” you sing, and Zayn just laughs as you try turning the TV on with his phone. “The TV is broken it won’t turn on” you complain, “that’s because you need the remote” he smirks, you shrug and toss his phone onto the couch. You walk into the kitchen and start grabbing random things out of the fridge, “what are you doing?” Zayn asks a little confused, “making something to eat” you smile, “I think you should go to bed, come on” “no I am not tired” “yea you are” “how do you know?” “because I am your conscience talking” Zayn says, “oOoOo my conscience.. Zayn I’m drunk not an idiot” you say rolling your eyes, “mummy, daddy?” your little girl tiredly says as she walks down the stairs. “Hello sweetie pie” you greet walking to her and picking her up. “Hi mummy” she yawns, “how about a dance?” you suggest, “yay” your girl claps and you dance around the living room with her, and her giggles light up the room. “Okay it is time for you both to go to bed” Zayn says taking your little girl, “but daddy” she whines, “yeah but daddy” you complain, and Zayn takes your girl upstairs. He comes back down, “Y/N” he sings, “yo?” “let’s go to bed” Zayn says, “uh no” you smirk, he sighs and tries to chase you around the living room, to try force you to bed. Zayn eventually caught you and carries you upstairs despite your refusal.

Liam: You were celebrating your birthday and during the day you went to your parents and Liam’s parents came over to wish you a happy birthday. Tonight the boys and the girls were coming over, of course whenever they come you and Liam stock up on the drinks. Neither of you were drinkers so you usually only got the alcohol for the others. Everyone started to arrive and you put a few snacks out before you plugged Liam’s phone into the docking station and put the music on. The boys were talking and Niall, Harry and Zayn were conversing about who could drink the most, “0h come on Zayn you are out after a few rounds” Niall argues, “Niall so are you” Harry adds, “oh please I could drink all 3 of you under the table.” you say sitting down next to one of the girls. “Oh yeah okay y/n” Harry laughs, “what you don’t think I can?” you ask, “well lets see then” Harry shrugs, “alright then, I’ll get the shots” you say getting up and grabbing them, “who else wants to join?” you call, “me” Niall calls, “I want to join” Zayn adds, “yeah me too” Louis pipes in, and you hear Liam sighing. You walk back in with the glasses and pour the shots. “y/n you don’t have to do this just to prove a point” Liam tries to say, “Liam this might be fun” you smile, “on 3, 1,2,3” Harry counts and you guys drink. After a few drinks everyone was still fine. You all kept going, Zayn stopped after a while, leaving just you, Louis, Harry and Niall. “y/n babe come on” Liam says but you refuse to give in, you were determined to try win. “Okay I’m out, Liam’s going to get upset” Louis says stopping, “party pooper” you poke your tongue out. You continued with just Harry and Niall, “Harry Niall stop” Liam says as the alcohol starts to affect you. “Li” you whine, “y/n you’re drunk” “no I’m *hick not” you answer, “told you, you couldn’t drink us under the table” Harry smirks, “don’t encourage her” Liam sighs, “come on Li” “okay fine go on, don’t complain to me” Liam says sitting back on the couch. “1,3,4” you count and Niall laughs, before you throw down yet another shot. After a while it was safe to say you had lost and it was true the boys could drink you under the table. You had the last shot before you put your glass on the table in defeat.

Louis: you had a really bad day at work, you got home, chucked your things down, kicked off your heels before you collapsed on the couch. It was 8:30 so you were surprised Louis wasn’t watching TV. You sighed as you remembered your day, you got up and went to the freezer to get ice cream, and there was none left, you opened the fridge to get cake, Louis ate the last piece. You shut the fridge and looked in the cupboard for chocolate, there was none. You rolled your eyes remembering Louis told you the boys were coming over, that explains why the food is missing. “Hey love” Louis chimes as he walks in, “hi” you mumble and turn around, you lean up and kiss his cheek. You then take the beer he was holding and go sit on the couch. “uhh okay, I’ll get another one” Louis chuckles grabbing another one before sitting next to you. “You enjoying that?” “no I don’t like beer but it will do” you shrug, “how was your day?” “shit” “that explains the beer” “how was yours?” you ask, “pretty good” “that explains the ice cream missing, chocolate missing and the cake” you sigh, “eh sorry about that, I’ll refill the stuff.” Louis responds, and you nod. You got sick of the beer and handed it to Louis and decided to grab the wine. You poured the white wine into a glass and started drinking it. You finished it pretty quickly, and kept pouring. You got sick of using a glass so you decided to drink from the bottle. You were tipsie, casually jumping around everywhere, and Louis just watched as you continued. “Okay y/n it’s time to stop” Louis says as he takes the now empty bottle of wine and places it on the kitchen counter. “But Louis” you whine as you stumble your way into his arms. “Yea lovely?” “I want to play” you sulk, “no you’re going to bed” “no boobear” you complain, “yes” he whispers picking you up and carrying to the room you both share. “Louis” you sing, “shhh” “don’t *hick* shhh me” you say as he puts you down on the bed and you scramble out, but he catches you and puts you back on it, like a child.


Harry: You and Harry were at a club celebrating the bands end of tour. Of course the boys had to clean cut for the whole time so now was their time to let loose. Instead of him having fun you seemed to take to the dance floor and party. Harry decided not to drink so he can watch you, you guys dance together before you ditch him for the girls and have fun with them having some or a lot of alcohol. You were happily dancing around having fun, being carefree, you weren’t usually like this, you were generally quite the quiet type, and the mature one, but not tonight. Harry was amused by your sudden change and let you go ahead, of course what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn’t laugh at you? 
You couldn’t work out why he was chuckling at you so you went and sat next to him, “what are you laughing at?” you slur, he shakes his head, “you’re maturity has finally worn off” he smiles kissing your cheek, “are you saying in immature?” you question. You may be tipsie and have a buzz but you aren’t silly. “No don’t worry love go have fun” “have fun with me” you clap jumping up as dragging him to the dance floor. “y/n” he whines “what?” you complain, but he shakes his head and dances with you to keep you happy. You tire him out and he goes and sits back down and keeps a close eye on you. You were dancing away with the girls and kept having drink after drink, generally you were responsible but tonight, you really didn’t want to be. You knew it was time to stop when the club was spinning and you felt nauseous. Before you could say or do anything Harry was already right by you, “now are you ready to go?” he smirks, and you slur your words. He helps you out but you couldn’t be bothered walking to the hotel. It was only up the street and you didn’t want to get in a cab, so Harry carried you To the hotel. Once you got in he undressed you and put you in your pjs like he would with a kid, before forcing you into bed. Yes he was treating you like a child because you were being disobedient. Eventually he got you to sleep, and fell asleep next to you. The next morning he was by your side in the bathroom as you regretted the night before. Every now and again and would comment saying, “you should have just let me get drunk” of course with a smirk on his face which was soon wiped away when you were being sick.


Oh my god, 2 preferences at one day! That amazing. But i haven't done one for like a million year soooo. 

xx Mathilde

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