One Direction Imagines / Preferences

Hello there! This is some One Direction Imagines and Preferenes i made, wuhu ( no shit sherlock). Hope you guys gonna like it! Please come with some feedback. [ Maybe a little dirtyyyy].

xx Mathilde


4. Tender Touches

Niall: It’s his thumb running across your knuckles when he holds your hand. Sometimes he can’t say everything he wants too, and sometimes he doesn’t have the words. You always did leave him a little bit speechless. So when you feel his thumb brush over your skin, a soft, tender caress you immediately smile. He’ll grin at you, his nose crinkling up in that adorable way it always does when he gets happy about something. “You okay?” You ask softly, the dim lighting from the bar making his normal bright eyes look navy blue. He grinned, his thumb still moving. “I love you,” he whispered, giving you a quick kiss to your cheek. You smiled, hair falling in your face as you looked down at your shoes. He gave you three, quick squeezes again, his smile uncontrollable now. You blushed, knowing that no one in your friends group had witnessed what had just happened. You gave him three back, each squeeze spelling out the words I love you.

Harry: It’s the way his hand strokes your lower back. Sometimes it’s just a gentle brush, reminding you that he’s there and that you aren’t alone. These touches come at night when you’re making dinner, or early in the morning when he slides behind you as your pouring the coffee, his lips on your shoulder as he murmurs a sleepy, “good morning.” Sometimes it’s out in public, a bold claim that you’re his and no one else’s. His fingers are stronger now, possessive. He wants the whole world to know what a great girl he has. And sometimes, those touches are dark, sexual. When he grips onto you and his head is thrown back, his eyes squeezed shut, that’s when you know you’ve got him right where you want him. So now, as you’re washing dishes, you feel the gentle brush of his fingers against your lower back, his cheek pressed against yours. “You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever done,” he murmured against your cheek. “There will never be anything greater than falling in love with you.”

Zayn: His skin might be tender and sweet against yours, but the gesture was not. His is always snug around your waist, keeping you anchored to his side. Whether it’s for pictures, going out, or even at home, Zayn’s always got you close. He was protective, maybe more than he should have been. But you were his treasure, he had to keep you safe. There was no breathing without you. “Come here, little cutie,” he said, snagging you around the waist and pulling him to sit on his lap. You laughed, happily falling into his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist, his smoky lips pressing against the under side of your haw, your chin. “Hi baby,” he said happily, his scruff rubbing against your smooth skin. There was something to be said for the dark eyed angel who kept so close a watch on you, there was something endearing about a bad boy who only had a soft spot only for you. “Hi, back,” you said, kissing his pretty pink lips. He nuzzled you, sinking further down into the couch and getting lost in you all over again.

Liam: Damn, he adored looking at you. He loved seeing you smile or hearing you laugh. He loved watching your cheeks flush over and he loved the sparkle that came into your eye. He loved listening to you talk and hearing you sing in the shower in the morning. He loved your cooking, even though it always wasn’t good. He loved you, everything about you. “Hi, baby girl,” he said, stepping into the kitchen. You were sat at the table, coffee in front of you and your newest book. He stopped, his palm gently cupping your cheek, his thumb brushing just beneath your eye, a tender touch he had done since he first met you. He pressed his lips to yours, a little smile on his lips. You loved when he touched you like that. It was sweet, affectionate, everything Liam was, and you could feel how tenderly he held you in his heart. “I missed you today. Tell me what you’ve been doing?” He sat down across from you, his cheek propped in his hand as he adored you, you chatting on about your day.

Louis: He had one favorite position and one only. That was his arms wrapped around you from behind, his chin settled on your shoulder. He always found himself wrapped around you, a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye. He could see the room, protect you from front and back. He could shower you with kisses, which he did whenever he had the chance. “Hi, beautiful,” he greeted you, eyed still heavy from sleep. He knew it made you smile when he held you like this, so he did it every chance he got. He knew it made you laugh when he didn’t let go and tried to walk with you like this, both of you falling over the other. “Hi, sleep okay?” You asked, hands coming to rest over his. “I did, until you left me,” he nuzzled his lips up under your ear and you shivered. “You know I can’t sleep without you, baby, you’re all my good dreams.” You blushed, turning your head as he planted a smacking kiss onto your neck. He gave you a squeeze, silently telling you that you were better than anything he ever dreamed of.


Hope you like it. Please come with some feedback.

xx Mathilde

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