One Direction Imagines / Preferences

Hello there! This is some One Direction Imagines and Preferenes i made, wuhu ( no shit sherlock). Hope you guys gonna like it! Please come with some feedback. [ Maybe a little dirtyyyy].

xx Mathilde


6. He pushes you against the wall


Niall: "Oh, you’re not going anywhere", with that words, your hand’s not longer on the doorknob squeezing the cold metal prepared to walk out of everything you shared; now it’s taken in his. Tight grip he uses is hurting you, making your lips form an ‘o’ shape. You whine feeling the hardness of cold wall pressing on your back, both of his hands placing by your sides and you finally surrender knowing that there’s no way out. Opening your eyes you can’t help but notice pleading eyes which still don’t match hard features. His mind is racing and his heart is beating fast and hard against your chest but the guilt is heavy against his. He wants to say that he’s so sorry but for some reason that anger left in his body is not letting him say anything else than ‘go away’. Features suddenly soften as he looks at the tear shining at the corner of your eye, his lips finally manage to form few words. "I love you. Stay, please."

Zayn:"Oh, Princess", he says and his voice is arrogant, shine in his eyes revealing trail of amusement. "If you only knew how good I can make you feel", he says again and there is a smirk playing on the corners of his lips. Heart is pounding in your chest and warmth hits your cheeks when you find yourself eager for him - for his warm touch. "No", you manage to say, but not trusting him, you slowly take a step back only to earn yet another smirk when you realize that there’s no way out and when you find your back pressing to a cold wall. "I got you, Princess", he says and takes a step closer warm chest pressing against yours. You find yourself so weak, weak to the spot when you can’t feel anything else but his kisses burning your skin and a trace of peppermint in his smoky breath, a nickname he has given to you filling your ears. "You know you want me. You just have to say yes."

Louis: Shoes are taken off, carelessly threw on the wooden floor as you wrap your arms around his neck and legs around his waist. Two warm hand are glued to your skin, every touch burning and making you eager for even more kisses. He reaches his leg and you can feel him opening the bedroom door. Before you even know it, you’re trapped in between cold wall and his heated chest, your height equalized to his. A moment later he’s pushing you to the spot where he wants you the most and his face is turned in a reddish color which isn’t caused by the anger or embarrassment. You smile in the kiss as you feel deep moan vibrating through his chest.

Liam: "No, no, please", he looks at you pleadingly, but you still do nothing to stop yourself from previous attempt to run away. Just as you take the last step which is parting you from the hard wall, heart instantly pounding faster and louder than ever. There’s something about this boy; something you can’t read from his vulnerable face, but you still don’t trust him. Why would you? He takes a step closer and you can’t help but notice a small smile he tries to hide. "I won’t hurt you", he says, probably being aware of your fear. "I swear I won’t, please", he says and with that, his chest is already pressed on yours, lips finding it’s way to your sweet ones.

Harry: It’s warm, even more than that; it’s heated, the smallest touch he leaves feeling so hot, almost burning your soft skin. The pressure he uses on your wrists just to keep them pinned above your head is odd, probably the cause of the anger he released just a few moments ago. You don’t even notice it when he removes one strong hand and uses it to cup your chin and raise it just enough so his lips could meet yours. His body is now pressed against yours and you don’t mind the pain he’s causing to still captured wrist until he releases it soon enough so you can tangle your fingers in his hair, lightly pulling few dark straps. You wrap your legs around his waist, all of the previous anger washed out of your face and you eagerly kiss him, his chest vibrating against yours as deep moan escapes his lips. 

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