One Direction Imagines / Preferences

Hello there! This is some One Direction Imagines and Preferenes i made, wuhu ( no shit sherlock). Hope you guys gonna like it! Please come with some feedback. [ Maybe a little dirtyyyy].

xx Mathilde


2. He get jealous (4/5)


You and Niall where at a beach party.  After a long day with swimming, games, and having fun with all the boys, you all sat around a fire and talked. Niall : “ Amazing day! We should do that more often”. Harry : “Sure! Love the idea”.  After talked about when you have to do that again, Niall go away for pee. Right when Niall goes into the toilet, Harry sit beside you. You just smile to him. He slowly lays his arm around you, but you didn’t think about it. A few minutes later Niall come back. Niall : “ Hey guys you should see it the this HUGE anima.. Harry what the hell are you doin’ man!”. Harry fast take his arm back, and you just laugh. Niall come sitting beside you. You : “Jealous, bby?” Niall “ You are mine y/n, only mine” and then he kiss you.


You and Louis where at Louis flat, you didn’t live together because you still was in high school. Louis : “What are you doing babe?” You : “Homework, math… “  Louis : “ Ohh, sorry I can’t help, you now I’m never been great at math”.  Then a Louis disappeared, but you didn’t think about it. Then it ringed on and Louis opened the door, and Liam walked in. Liam : “Should I help with some homework?” and you just shout from the kitchen “YES PLEASE!”. Liam go into the kitchen with a Louis right behind him. He sat down on the chair next to and you guys began talk ‘MATH’ while Louis sit on the counter. After Liam was done helping you he took home. “DONE” you shout and Louis just looked disappointed. You : “You okay Lou?” Louis : “ No, it’s annoying that Liam can help you and get all the attention from you…..” You laugh, You : “ Aww Lou you don’t have to be jealous.” Louis : “ I’M NOT JEALOUS Y/N!” And the tickle war began.


Sorry i didn't do Zayn, but i didn't have time, trying my best to make one!

But i hope you liked it, please come with some feedback!

xx Mathilde.

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