One Direction Imagines / Preferences

Hello there! This is some One Direction Imagines and Preferenes i made, wuhu ( no shit sherlock). Hope you guys gonna like it! Please come with some feedback. [ Maybe a little dirtyyyy].

xx Mathilde


7. First kiss



One afternoon you and Zayn were very bored. So the two of you were just sitting on your couch watching television. When the show was over, Zayn got up and turned it off. He sat down on the couch again, this time facing you. You two began talking and soon enough you were rambling on about how boring school was. The entire time Zayn was barely listening.

He was watching your lips as you talked and talked for minutes on end.As you took a breath and were about to continue talking, Zayn kissed you for the first time. You were very surprised at first, but then you figured, why not? “Now what were you saying?” he asked after the kiss with a smirk. “I can’t seem to remember” you replied as you kissed him again before getting up to get some food.


Niall decided to take you to a carnival on a warm summer night. The entire evening he was constantly winning you giant stuffed animals that you had made at least three trips to the car and back before actually having to leave. Just as the stars were starting to shine you saw the Ferris Wheel and begged Niall to go on with you. He agreed and you were able to walk right up to the ride, as there was no line. You got on the ride and pretty soon you were at the very top. Just as it stopped, you saw fireworks in the distance. “Wow. Ni, this is so romantic” you say, admiring the beautiful lights in the sky. He didn’t answer, so you turned to him to find him staring straight back at you. Then, out of the blue, he kisses you, very gently. When he pulls away he smiles at you, and you smile at him, overjoyed with the amazing boyfriend you have.


Louis drove you home from the best bowling date you had ever been on. He beat you, by a lot, but the whole process was hilarious. He slipped on the alley at least seven times, in the process bruising his arms and legs multiple times. You had the best time of your life with your favorite person in the world. He stopped in front of your house and hopped out to open your door for you. You stepped out and Louis led you to the front porch. Before unlocking the door, you turned to Louis. “Lou, I had a great time tonight. It was quite a laugh…” you say with a giggle. “Anytime Y/N, anytime. I’m glad you enjoyed it” he replies, staring into your eyes. Just then, he bends down an kisses you, and, surprised, you kiss him back. Afterward he says to you, “Y/N, I’m so glad you had fun. We should definitely go again, don’t ya think?” “Yes, Lou. Definitely.


You were watching Toy Story with Liam, curled up against his side. Once again, at the part where Andy is giving away his toys to little Bonnie,touched you so much. You could imagine that being you, giving away all of your favorite old friends to a small girl down the street. You imagined that little girl being your daughter. You were crying silently, so it took Liam a few minutes to realize that you were so upset, and he squeezed you a little more. “You alright, Y/N?” he said with a little smirk. You look up at him with a sniffle. “It-it’s just s-so sad. I mean every time I see this I think o-” he cuts you off by connecting his lips with yours for the first time. “What do you think of?” Liam asks. “Nothing” you say, going in for another kiss.


It was a beautiful day so Harry wanted to take you for a walk around town to do some shopping and talking. A few hours after lunch, you began growing tired so you searched for a place to sit and relax. Luckily you found a nice fountain where you could put all of your bags down and sit for a bit. There were a few fans around the area, attempting to stay hidden. Nonetheless, you and Harry talked and smiled, and you were sure that there’d be plenty of pictures circulating through the fandom later. So, not wanting receive any hate from fans telling you to stay away, you kept to yourself a bit. Harry, on the other hand, had a different idea. In the middle of your conversation about summer plans, Harry kissed you, for the first time on the lips. You sat still for a bit, not wanting any hate, but eventually easing into the kiss anyway. After he pulled away, you could see the many cameras out and Harry whispered in your ear cheekily, “Is this what you wanna do all summer, Y/N? Is it?”


Hey guys! Sorry I havn't posted in a long time. I forgot the password (stupid). But i hope you liked it! Please come with some feedback.

xx Mathilde.

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