Secrets: Niall Horan

Alex doesn't have many friends and doesn't like people but when she meets a dark angel, everything could change...


6. Something Else


I opened my eyes and saw Zayn laying next to me. Shit. I slept with him. What was I thinking last night?! He was still sleeping like a baby. The room smelled of alcohol and smoke. Oh yeah, the party last night.

I got up and put my clothes on. This wasn't my first one night stand. I wasn't a slut either. It just happened sometimes.

My phone was lying on the wooden night stand... Next to a bag of weed with my name on it. What the fuck?! Did I get high last night too? I don't remember anything after Zayn kissed me. I found a sharpie near the bag and marked my name out just in case. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs.


"Oh shit." I grumbled, picking myself off of the floor. My head started hurting immediately. Great. A hangover. Just what I needed. I looked around and found some sunglasses on the coffee table. I put them on. Much better.

There were passed out people everywhere. On the floor, sofa, chairs, on the staircase. There were beer bottles, cans, and red solo cups everywhere too. Just then I heard someone coming down the steps.

Alex. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she was in a hurry. She definitely hooked up with somebody. Why else would she come from upstairs?

"Who'd you sleep with?" I asked.

"No one. But you tried to sleep with me!" She said walking towards the door.

"Damn. What was I thinking?"

She opened the door. "Fuck!" She exclaimed.

"What's wrong princess?" I asked.

"Anij took my fucking car."

"I can drive you home."

"Um hell no."

"Okay fine. Stay here with these hung over idiots."

"Fine. Drive me home."

"You ready?"

"I guess." She said hesitantly.

I led her to my car and she reluctantly got in the passenger side. The ride to her house was silent and awkward except for when she told me where to go.

We pulled into her driveway at last.

"Um thanks." She said getting out of my car.

"Anytime princess."

"Later douche!" She yelled not looking back. She went into her house.

I laughed and pulled away.

Damn. She was something else.

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