Secrets: Niall Horan

Alex doesn't have many friends and doesn't like people but when she meets a dark angel, everything could change...


10. Date Night


The evening came pretty quick. I decided I'd take her to the movies to see "Endless Love"... A chick flick but that's what girls loved right?

She walked down the hallway of my flat. I was stunned as she stopped at the end spinning around.

"How do I look?" She said smiling.

"Like my princess." I replied.

She giggled. To think that she used to hate me. She ran towards me and jumped into my arms. She leaned forward and kissed me. She was a really good kisser.

"C'mon babe." I pulled away and led her towards the door.

"Where are we going?" Alex asked.

"To see 'Endless Love'?"

"Oh." She seemed disappointed.

"What's wrong?" I asked opening the car door for her. Alex got in and I walked and got in the driver's side.

"It's just that when we went on our group date last night, we ditched the movies." She said biting her lip.

"We can go to Kings Island tomorrow then."

"I do wanna see that movie though." She said quietly.

"Let's go then!" I started the Mustang and drove off.


He was so amazing and understanding. I do wanna see "Endless Love" but I figured we'd do something else since we ditched the movies last night.

Niall put his hand on my thigh waking me from my thoughts. I glanced over at him and smiled. I couldn't help but love absolutely everything about him. He was perfect.


We ate at Nando's, Niall's favorite restaurant. We saw the movie. I don't think Niall payed much attention to it but I cried and he held my hand while my head was on his shoulder.

When we got home, I walked into the house first. I took off my coat and shoes and Niall followed.

"I'm gonna go get a shower." I called to him.

I walked into Niall's room and got a t shirt of his. I grabbed some underwear.(Niall took me back to mine and Shay's flat to get some clothes earlier.) I walked into the bathroom shutting the door. I undressed quickly and turned on the water. It was warm. I stepped into the tile shower and let the water run over me.


I quietly opened the bathroom door. Sure enough, the shower was on and I could see her beautiful figure through the frosted shower doors.

I undressed quickly and opened the door.

"Mind if I join?"

She looked surprised and just gestured for me to come in.

I crashed her lips against mine and she opened her mouth and our tongues began to fight for dominance. I, of course, won.


His hands ran down my sides, leaving a trail of fire wherever he touched me. His hands made their way lower and lower. I felt his fingers inside of me and I moaned of pleasure. He smiled during the kiss. He curled his fingers in and out.

"Omigod Niall." I moaned.

He pulled out and I moved my hand to his wet hair and pulled him closer to me. He wanted me and I wanted him. He shut off the water and picked me up. His hands supporting my butt. I was still rapidly kissing him when he opened the shower door and walked out into the bedroom. He pulled away from the kiss and pushed me down on the bed. He crawled over top of me and pulled the covers over us.

Let the fun begin.

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