Secrets: Niall Horan

Alex doesn't have many friends and doesn't like people but when she meets a dark angel, everything could change...


8. Damn Girl!


"Where are we going?" I asked. I still can't believe I agreed to go somewhere alone with him. But I wanted to fall for Niall. He was amazing. Such a jerk though. If I let myself fall, maybe he'd change. I have nothing to loose so why not?

"To my place... If that's okay." He said, waking me from my thoughts.

"Yeah. Of course." I said smoothly.

For the first time tonight, I got a good look at Niall. He was wearing regular jeans, a black shirt, a black jacket and boots. God. He was hot.

Niall woke me from my thoughts once more when he laid his hand on my thigh. My stomach flipped. I had butterflies and I loved it. He basically had me wrapped around his finger now. He was my bad boy and I wanted to be his bad girl.

"What kind of music do you like?" He asked.

"Disturbed, Avenge 7 Fold. Stuff like that." I replied.

"Do you like 'The Sickness'?" He asked.

"It's only my favorite song!" I said, laughing.

With that, he turned on the radio and sure enough, my song was on. I took his hand from my thigh and intertwined his fingers with mine. He took his eyes off of the road only for a moment to smile at me.

Tonight was gonna be good.


"We're here." I said, pulling into the driveway. That meant our hands had to break free from each other. But who knows what would happen inside.

I turned off the radio and cut the engine of my 1999 Shelby Mustang. I opened the door of the driver's side and walked over to the passenger's side and opened the door for Alex.

"Thanks." She said.

I took her hand and led her into my home.

"Wow. This place is huge!" She exclaimed, looking around. I chuckled. I led her into my kitchen.

"Want anything?" I said, pulling whiskey from the cabinet.

"A shot of that." She said, pointing to the bottle.

"Am I gonna get lucky?" I asked with my eyebrows raised.

"After a few shots of that, anything could happen." She said smiling. I poured her a shot.

Let the fun begin.


I was in my fourth shot now. Niall on his second. He kept pouring it and I kept drinking. After about my tenth shot, my mind felt foggy and I couldn't take it any longer.

Sitting on the counter, I pulled Niall towards me and crashed our lips together. His hands went around my waist and mine went to his hair. This kiss was full of lust and passion. I wanted him and he wanted me. His tongue lightly touched my lips asking for entrance and I let him in. I jumped, my legs now around his waist and he carried me upstairs.

He pushed me down on the bed and I pulled away so I could breathe.

"Damn girl." He said hovering over me.

"Just kiss me." I said pulling him towards me.

His lips met mine once again, still very passionate and wild. I pushed his jacket off of his arms and his hands began to travel up my shirt. I broke the kiss only to pull off my shirt and his. Our lips met again. He started kissing down my jawline. "I've wanted you for a long time." He mumbled as I tugged at his pants and he pulled down mine. He pulled his pants down without breaking the kiss. Leaving me in only my panties and bra. His hands were now on my back as he unclipped my bra and threw it on the floor. His hand now began to move down my stomach and to my panties and he pushed them down my legs. He pulled his boxers down and positioned himself, breaking the kiss. He thrusted into me slow at first. I moaned. "Niall. Faster." I breathed, arching my back. He began to go faster and harder. "Niall." I moaned. "Say my name, baby." He breathed, thrusting harder. "Niall." I breathed, arching my back once more. "Scream my name." He demanded thrusting hardest, making me hit my climax. "Niall!" I screamed. He fell aside me and pulled me close. Then I drifted off to sleep, out of breath.


What do ya think? Is it better??? Gonna update ASAP. Love ya!💕

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